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      Holly Thaggard

      Dallas, TX

Dear Sunscreen Supporters,

When my daughter came home from her first grade class prior to an outdoor field trip with a note in her backpack stating that any sunscreen included in a child’s backpack would be discarded, I knew then it was time we do something. It was this incident that was the inspiration behind Project Backpack, Provide and Protect, which serves as a vehicle to influence change in local and state policies, allowing the use of sunscreen on school campuses, while simultaneously providing sunscreen to schools across the U.S. It is also the reason for this petition.

Sunscreens are still prohibited from many schools in America as the FDA regulates them as over the counter drugs. It is our goal to change this. Help us encourage the use of sun protection and for U.S. states, school boards and principals to amend antiquated sun protection policies or to create policies that encourage the use of daily sun protection.

With the instance of skin cancer rates rising in the U.S., we owe it to the next generation to teach them the truth about UV damage and how it can be prevented. Sign our petition today to support our cause.


Holly Thaggard
Founder of Project Backpack

Founder & CEO Supergoop!

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    • jean ramirez WEST COVINA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      My grand daughter is fair skined a burns easily without sunscreen.

    • David Gillespie BROOKLYN, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I grew up in Australia and know from personal experience how important it is t properly protect your skin from the sun. Schools not allowing sunscreen is ridiculous - schools shouldn't let you play outside in the sun without it!


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