Shut down the Crystal River plant by 2014
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Shut down the Crystal River plant by 2014

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      Quit Coal

The Crystal River Generating Station is a terrifying mixture of dirty and dangerous energy sources: a huge coal plant attached to a nuclear power plant in disrepair that’s been offline since 2009.  It is situated along the beautiful Crystal River, which is the second largest aquifer in Florida, and home to a vibrant manatee population.  Pollution from the Crystal River plant kills one person every five days.

Progress Florida, the company that operates the plant, says that it will shut down half of its coal operations contingent upon new nuclear plants being built. After the disaster in Japan, more dangerous nuclear is no solution to our energy needs. Shutting this plant down is the first step towards building a clean and safe energy future for Florida.

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    • Michelle Stern AUSTIN, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Coal is the most polluting form of the fossil fuels and it must be phased out now to keep global warming from becoming a runaway train we will never be able to stop.

    • Rhonda Wetmore DUENDIN, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Nuclear and Coal burning plants are hastening the demise of our planet and of all biological life. Solar energy, offshore wind farms and tidal power generators are clean, sustainable forms of energy generation and will allow life to flourish on our world. Crystal River has been leaking and causing problems since 2009 and is a white elephant that needs to be permanently closed. We do not need to replace it with further nuclear plants that will cost consumers billions of dollars and will not go online for many, many years.


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