Public apology for humiliating your students
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Public apology for humiliating your students

    1. Shiva sharma
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      Shiva sharma

      Bangalore, IN

Four children have been forced to attend Oxford English School, Bangalore in humiliation after the private institution allegedly cut tufts of hair on top of their heads. This was done to reportedly distinguish these children, admitted under the Right to Education (RTE) quota, from other students. 

' the parents of these children claim that, all in standard one in the school at Nandini Layout, the children admitted under the Right to Information (RTE) quota are made to stand separately during the assembly and their lunch boxes are checked before they enter their class. They allege that the names of their wards have not been entered in the attendance register. The school reportedly makes them sit in the back benches and they are not given any homework.'

Under the RTE act, every child in India has an equal right to study, go to school and gain knowledge. There should be no differentiation on the basis of one's economical, social and cultural background. The students admitted under the RTE quota are no lesser than any other students of the school and by distinguishing between them, the school has not only violated the RTE regulation but also has reaffirmed the idea of social seclusion.

This school is part of the Karnataka Unaided School Managements’ Association (KUSMA) that is vehemently opposed to implementation of the RTE quota of 25 per cent in city schools. Several schools under KUSMA, including this one, remained closed for the second day as part of the association’s weeklong protest against implementation of the RTE. 

In an egalitarian country like India, we cannot let such acts of shame go unaccounted for! The children have suffered enough social and psychological stigma in the school and we must see to it that this does not perpetuate any further! The school must acknowledge this grave mistake on its part.

Sign my petition and tell the Oxford English School Principal

1) Publically apologise for such distinction

2) Give a public statement to acknowledge our demand that such a heinous act will not be repeated in the future by any school authorities.

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    1. State-level advisory panel on RTE to be formed

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      A teacher at the school has been accused of instigating a student to cut tufts of hair of four children, including three admitted under the RTE quota. The school principal, Ajith Prabhu, said that the protest forced them to shut down even a day after Kusma called off the strike. Meanwhile, the principal convenor of Karnataka Dalit Sangharsha Samithi, Siddapura Manju, lodged a complaint with the Cubbon Park police alleging that G S Sharma, former president of Kusma, violated a Supreme Court order. He made “derogatory” remarks against poorer sections and discriminated against lower castes, Manju stated in the complaint.

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    • Joanna Ballard SHREVEPORT, LA
      • over 2 years ago

      children should be children and adults should obey the laws of equality whether they agree or not hate is learned teach love and tolerence is inate

    • Richa Anand BANGALORE, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago


    • Premangshu Ray CHENNAI, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Such acts deserve exemplary punishment but too many of them have gone unpunished.


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