Princeton University Board of Trustees: Repudiate the Anti-Gay Bigotry of Professor Robert George
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Princeton University Board of Trustees: Repudiate the Anti-Gay Bigotry of Professor Robert George

    1. Scott Rose
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      Scott Rose

      New York, NY

Princeton Professor Robert George is a malicious anti-gay bigot.

His noxious political influence around the country has resulted in fathomless suffering for countless innocent gay human beings. George is on record as beng against sexual orientation anti-bullying protections in schools, because he deems them "subterfuges" for, as he labels it, acceptance and/or encouragement of "LGBT lifestyles." In an era when finally, society has some glimmers of a more enlightened attitude towards gay adolescents, Princeton Professor Robert George with his militant ignorance seeks to crush the self-esteem of young gay people.  Without question, the force of Princeton University Professor Robert George's political gay-bashing around the country drives gay adolescents to despair and even to suicide.

Princeton Professor Robert George believes gay intimacy should be illegal. He also thinks that marriage equality should be illegal. That is to say, he doesn't believe that gay people should ever have gay sex, and that if they do, they should be thrown in jail.  Professor George intends to see all currently married gay American couples have their marriage recognition ripped away from them.  He disguises that cruel intent behind a pretension of doing what in his estimation is good for society.  In that, he is a sadistic anti-gay bully, operating at the national level and enjoying an unwarranted prestigious association of his malicious ideas with the Princeton University name.

At Princeton right now, Professor Robert George is training another generation of malicious anti-gay bigots. His notorious gay-bashing article "What is Marriage?" published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, was co-authored by Princeton Ph.D. candidate Sherif Girgis and notes that George is the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton. In that article, Professor George says that gay people may not be married for the same reason that a woman may not marry an inanimate object.

Gay human beings are not inanimate objects. Here is the American Medical Association's position on marriage equality: "Our American Medical Association: (1) recognizes that denying civil marriage based on sexual orientation is discriminatory and imposes harmful stigma on gay and lesbian individuals and couples and their families; (2) recognizes that exclusion from civil marriage contributes to health care disparities affecting same-sex households; (3) will work to reduce health care disparities among members of same-sex households including minor children; and (4) will support measures providing same-sex households with the same rights and privileges to health care, health insurance, and survivor benefits, as afforded opposite-sex households."

Princeton University Professor Robert George does not know better than the collected minds of the American Medical Association. You, the Princeton University Board of Trustees should note that the AMA formulated its position on gay human beings without Professor George's reference to an inanimate object.

We now call on you to take a stand against Princeton Professor Robert George's insidious, ignorance-fueled, corrosive anti-gay bigotry. The Princeton University brand is contaminated with the foul stain of Professor George's mean-spirited anti-gay dogma. Until you publicly repudiate Professor George's anti-gay bigotry, we will most vigorously endeavor to educate society against donating to, attending or in any other way enabling Princeton University in its promotion of Professor George's virulent anti-gay bigotry.


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    • Ted Georgaklis JAMAICA PLAIN, MA
      • over 1 year ago

      Zero tolerance for hate and bigotry.

    • Minh Nhat Vu HANOI, VIET NAM
      • over 1 year ago

      I do not support any kind of bigotry

    • Rob Pinto SOUTHBURY, CT
      • over 1 year ago

      In a society where gay marriage is legal and accepted, it should be illegal to champion for actions that are against the rights of gay people.

    • Beverly Shields LONG BEACH, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Until all people are free, no one is free...that includes you, Mr. George.

      • almost 2 years ago

      I put up with enough bullying from jackasses like this bastard who obviously is a closet case who needs to be FIRED!


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