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The President of The United States

Prevent Veteran Suicide by Addressing the Hidden Wounds of War Before Service Members Leave The Military

    1. Petition by

      Purple Star Veterans and Families

Our Vision over the next three years is to see the following programs developed and implemented by the U.S. Military to ensure:

- Every new Veteran leaves the military having completed a homecoming preparedness peer mentoring program taught by fellow Veterans

- Every service member who has served in a Combat or Combat related job specialty is provided comprehensive health, wellness and decompression resources to address the hidden wounds of war before they leave the military

- Every new Veteran has a post-separation plan and schedule with their local hometown VA hospital

- Every new Veteran has a comprehensive homecoming preparedness plan for family, education and employment

- Every Family has access to comprehensive homecoming preparedness training and resources before they welcome their Veteran home

Here are the facts supporting the need for more prevention and early intervention resources for service members and Veterans:

Every 65 minutes A Veteran Dies from Suicide

22 Per Day = 669 Per Month = 8,030 Per Year 

Source Link: 60 Minutes:



The military does an incredibly effective job training our young men and women to go to war. These veterans need the same level of training to help them come home.

 "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, is directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated"

                                                                                   -- George Washington

"At Risk" Veterans who need help the most often fall between the cracks.


- They are trained to be self-reliant and find it difficult to ask for help 

- Fear of being stigmatized as being weak 

- Fear of having documentation in their medical records for seeking help

Identifying who is “at risk” is nearly impossible since the psychological injuries from war are often hidden for years. Therefore, addressing the traumatic wounds of war must be mandatory for all of our service personnel.

Two clear solutions:

1. We must help Veterans before they become Veterans.

In addition to the recent “Reverse Bootcamp” initiative by The President to provide job skills, personal finances and Veterans benefits, we must provide comprehensive health, wellness and decompression training for all service personnel to address the emotional "hidden wounds" of war before they leave the military and while they are adjusting back into family life, education and employment.

Source Link: Stars and Stripes Article, President's new "Reverse Boot Camp" Initiative

Long-term, outcome-based research into the brain, trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) must be funded to improve better homecoming outcomes.

2. We must help families better prepare for homecoming

Less than 1/2 of 1% of the U.S. Population serve in the military. As civilian family members, we, as a whole are not qualified to address the more serious and complex challenges of traumatized Combat Veterans when they need help the most. We must create nationally standardized and readily available preparedness resources for families before they welcome our Veterans home.

To accomplish these two objectives we must come together as a community.

Our Goal: 1 Million Signatures to begin connecting our vast community of Veterans and families. By accomplishing this goal, we will have the unified voice and message to meet with the leadership of the government and the military to put life saving programs in place before and after our Veterans arrive home.

Together we are strengthening the Homecoming Safety Net

Veterans, parents, grandparents, extended family members, friends and the general public need to speak with a unified voice and a clear message:

Strengthen the safety net for our homecoming Veterans and their families. Mandate comprehensive homecoming preparedness and decompression training for all military personnel before they arrive home.

Please, lend your voice and sign this petition to help us get homecoming right this time!

Feel free to also comment on why you are signing this petition and most importantly...


We need your help to bring this petiton to a successful conclusion.Whatever you can afford, $5, $10, $25, $50 or more will help tremendously, please make a donation today, CLICK HERE

Purple Star Veterans and Families


Veteran suicide is occurring with both Combat and non-Combat Veterans, when we are in posession of research with these percentages, we will publish them within this petition.


This petition has been created by Veterans and family members of Veterans and is not affiliated with any political party or PAC funding entity nor is this petition affiliated with any faith-based organizations or initiatives.

This is a non-partisan petition and is the concern and responsibility of both political parties and all elected officials.

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 9,000 signatures
    2. Family of Army Vet Who Committed Suicide Joins National Petition

      Sheri Johnson, mother of fallen Veteran Trever Gould is interviewed about her story and what she is doing to prevent this from happen to other Veterans and their families.


    3. Here is an incredible research study just released. Must Read

      Military suicides
      Repeat combat deployments hurt
      First Published Jul 25 2012 04:50 pm • Last Updated Jul 26 2012 11:40 am
      Everyone has heard stories about how repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a terrible psychological toll on U.S. soldiers, often resulting in suicide. Now a study by University of Utah researchers has brought scientific rigor to the anecdotes. The message is clear: Exposing a small, all-volunteer force to repeated combat tours over many years is inhumane, and the soldiers who have been thrust into combat should be identified immediately by the military for specific psychological treatment.

      More broadly, the study raises again the moral question of whether the nation can, in good conscience, place its military burdens on the shoulders of relatively few volunteers while the rest of the population remains untouched and unconcerned by the nation’s wars. The answer to that question has been obvious for some time. Such a policy encourages military adven

    4. Reached 250 signatures
    5. We just posted a video on the petition site

      Please watch the video and pass it along. Thank you
      John Henry

      John Henry Parker
      Purple Star Veterans and Families

    6. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Nancy Carhuancho SPRINGFIELD, VA
      • 4 days ago

      Because they are a Heroes

    • Amber Carosiellie RAVENNA, OH
      • 5 days ago

      There is not enough to help our Military members who struggle with this every day.

    • Robert Kierzek VENTURA, CA
      • 17 days ago

      I'm Vietnam Boots on the ground Veteran that did not have the support when I came home in 1970. We need this for our Service Members today more than ever.

    • Daniel Spitler TALLAHASSEE, FL
      • 30 days ago

      Because weas a people deserve the support of our people and the ability to ask for help when we know we need it. From and for everyone equally because we are all human even when we have been hurt so badly that others can't even see it.

    • Robert Pastor SANTA BARBARA, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      We owe it to these people to restore their health as best we can


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