Pretty Pitties: Stop discrimination against Pit Bulls
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Pit Bull Discrimination

Pretty Pitties: Stop discrimination against Pit Bulls

    1. Shelby Lueders
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      Shelby Lueders

      San Fransicso, CA

American Pit Bull Terriers and other Pit Bull breeds are being discriminated against simply by being a part of the "bully" breeds. What's happening? They are being taken into shelters or simply being euthanized just for being a Pit Bull. Some dogs that do not even have any American Pit Bull Terrier in them are being euthanized just because they look like one. People today automatically assume that when they see a Pit Bull on the street that it is a dangerous dog and that it could potentially be a danger to the public. This is wrong. These dogs are amazing breeds and can be extremely loving, but so many people do not know or understand how great Pit Bulls can truly be just because of there reputation as a bad dog.

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      • 8 months ago

      This is 2014.. You would think that situations like these would be over now. This is not much different than (as going as far to say) what happened to millions of Jewish people back in World War 2. At this point in our world, this should not be happening.

    • Katie Guebara GARDEN CITY, KS
      • 8 months ago

      I absolutely love pit bulls they are sweet, amazing dogs and loyal companions. They are just misunderstood. To many people often judge with out knowing anything about the breed. I hope that one day people won't look at the type of dog but give the dog a chance to prove that they are the most loving dogs one could own. I would also like to see shelters adopt them out rather then euthanize them for being a pit bull.

    • Alison Smith ANTIOCH, CA
      • 8 months ago

      Love a bully<3

    • Lindsey Rourke KISSIMMEE, FL
      • 8 months ago

      I love my Blue Nose.. he is a wonderful dog and apart of my family. My community is trying to make me get rid of him or I will have to move. He wouldn't hurt anyone and is a sweet sweet animal. It is a shame what they are doing and I feel it is discrimination. I should be allowed to have whatever breed of dog i choose to have. Those are my rights arn't they??? My community is fighting me on this simply because they feel it is a dangerous breed. No breed in dangerous, people make dogs go bad. You can turn a golden retriever into a dangerous dog if you treat it poorly.

    • siarra scudder BRIGHTON, CO
      • 9 months ago

      they are the sweetest dogs ever and more people need to know that


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