Stop allowing illegal immigrants access to social programs.
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Stop allowing illegal immigrants access to social programs.

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      Daniel Wiseman

      Pearl City, HI

I support LEGAL immigration. In accordance with our own federal laws our economy and our society can support a certain level of immigration per year. Legal immigrants add to our cultural diversity as well as our society in general. It gives this 'melting pot' the greatness to adapt and change over time to become the most powerful and influential nation in modern history.

Illegal immigration hurts not only the reputation and respect that legal immigrants have earned through their own hard work and willingness to join our society, but it also constantly places an unneeded burden on social programs that were created by, for, and to benefit American Citizens. This is done through school subsidy grants, loans, welfare, abuse of the ER as a doctor's office, just to name a few.

I am not blaming illegal immigrants for our issues, the issue is that if we cannot fix our society and community we cannot support those not of American birth as we so generously do and demonstrate on an almost daily basis. How can we stand up for others when we cannot even stand up for ourselves. This thrashing of our society for everyone else's gain must end if we are to survive to steward in the next generation of youth.

This is a call for the federal government to enforce their OWN laws as set forth by themselves to hold employers who hire illegal immigrants accountable for their actions. To ensure that ONLY citizens of this great nation receive the health and welfare benefits that we have earned. That the President of the United States is looking out for the best interests of the American People, not foreign nationals.

We cannot support the world. We cannot hope to support the world. If we wreck our own society trying, then everyone and everything we do support will go down with us.

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    2. Current Immigration Numbers and how they effect us.

      Daniel Wiseman
      Petition Organizer

      Watch this alarming video. It will only take about 10 minutes of your time. It addresses many problems that we see in our communities every day. We see where tough illegal immigration reforms and the economic growth those economies are sustaining, we also see where there is a lack of immigration reform and the bankruptcy of those states (*cough California *cough).


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