Outlaw using gas chambers as euthanasia for homeless dogs and cats
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Outlaw using gas chambers as euthanasia for homeless dogs and cats

    1. Julianne Annemarie Troutman
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      Julianne Annemarie Troutman

      Long Beach, CA

Dear Mr. President and Congress of the United States of America:

I am presenting this petition to you because as a citizen of this country, I am deeply bothered by a practice that takes place in this country every single day to homeless dogs and cats. That unspeakable practice is unnecessary euthanasia, mainly done in gas chambers. Many animals are thrown in a chamber and gassed to death. One lucky dog, a beagle named, Daniel, was lucky to survive and I have read his heart touching story many times. I know, you, Mr. President have a dog and I am sure many of you, ladies and gentleman in Congress have dogs, too. Please take a moment and think...would you want this to be YOUR dog? Of course not. This breaks my heart. I am pleased that my home state, Pennsylvania, has passed the outlawing of gas chambers (I actually live in CA). Now, its time for the rest of the country to do the same. This is not going to stop euthanasia completely, but it will by gas chambers.
The needless murdering of these animals reminds me of the Holocaust in WWII. It is sad, it is sick, it is mortifying to many people. Many people could say to me, "Well, why does this mean so much to you?" I can give you many reasons:
1. I am a dog lover.
2. My boyfriend and I have fostered homeless basset hounds with the Basset Hound Rescue of Southern CA. In 5 months, we homed 4 bassets.
3. I lost my beagle, Shiloh to lymphosarcoma in July 2002 and in his memory, I wanted to open a rescue facility in Shiloh's memory. This facility would be a permanent home to 75 to 100 dogs, unless interest would be shown in adoption, I would interview the family and do a background check on them, if they pass, there would be an adoption fee. The Facility would have been mostly community supported/volunteered operated.
4.In the last year, I have advocated the need of foster homes for homeless dogs until they can find forever homes. People say, "what if I cant give the dog up?" It is easy to give them love without attachment. I dont see them as MY dogs, I look at it as if I am just giving them the care they need until the right family comes along to give them the love they need.
5. I want and need to see unwanted/unloved dogs and cats get another fair chance at getting a loving home, not knowing if he/she will ever experience the loves he/she so much desires. These dogs and cats are capable of giving so much love, more than some humans are. I would even recommend placing some in rehabilitation programs in prisons, to rehabilitate prisoners.

My proposal is to help animals, who can not help themselves. If I can get enough signatures from people across the country, I ask, Mr. President, that you would take this petition into consideration and ban gas chamber euthanasia in the United States and its territories.

Thank you,

Julianne Annemarie Troutman

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    3. PA outlaws gas chambers

      Julianne Annemarie Troutman
      Petition Organizer
      Pennsylvania Outlaws Gas Chambers!

      In September 2012, A Loving Goodbye unveiled a story that touched thousands of animal advocates around the world that pertained to the barbaric use of gas chambers as a form of euthanasia in animal shelters across many states. This method of euthanasia is terrifying, cruel, and most of all completely unnecessary yet there are states [...]


    Reasons for signing

    • Joelle Parris HOLIDAY, FL
      • 12 months ago

      The use of gas chambers as euthanasia is absolutely barbaric and cruel and needs to be outlawed in the United States.

    • Deb Johnston SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      How we take care of our animals reflects on our humaness!

      • almost 2 years ago

      This is sickening

    • Red Doors HAMILTON, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It is cruel and inhumane. Every animal deserves the right to be in a good loving home. There are plenty out there.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Because I am so tired of healthy animals being tossed in the trash, they didnt ask for this...


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