President of The United States: Grant and Approve --Tolu Akinrosotu's Clemency Petition
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President of The United States: Grant and Approve --Tolu Akinrosotu's Clemency Petition

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Tolu Akinrosotu is a federal prisoner who has served nearly 21 years of a 30-year and 5-month mandatory sentence for a first-time and non-violent drug offense.  On January 31, 2012, he filed a presidential clemency petition with the Pardon Attorney's Office requesting the commutation of the 5+ years remaining on his sentence.  His current release date is November 2, 2019, three months before his 50th birthday!  He came to jail at age 23. Learn more about Tolu's case at:  Tolu needs your support to help  publicize his clemency and convince President Obama that commutating Tolu's excessive sentence is the right and just thing to do. 

Please, lend Tolu your time and compassion, and support his clemency by:

1). Signing and commenting your support for Tolu's clemency petition on this page

2). Sharing this petition page with at least 10 other people

3). Following and sharing this petition on Twitter:

Tolu has spent nearly almost half of his 44 years on earth being punished for his first time, non-violent drug crime.  Nevertheless, he has persevered admirably during his period of confinement.  Tolu saved the life of Bureau of Prison staff, Steven Pridell at FCI Ray Brook.  Mr. Pridell wholeheartedly supports Tolu's Clemency.

Tolu has earned a college degree and numerous vocational certifications during his confinement.  And, most incredibly, through dedication to purpose and obligation, Tolu has paid over $36,500 of the $50,000 fine imposed as part of his 30-year sentence by consistently working in a prison factory for 18 years.  Each of his supervisors in the BOP has commended Tolu's exemplary work ethic, skill set and good character; some have even issued letters in support of Tolu's clemency 

Tolu is genuinely remorseful for his wrongdoing and has demonstrated his unqualified acceptance of responsibility and continuing personal growth.  His rehabilitation is undeniable and the odds of him re-offending are virtually non-existent.  Tolu's indomitable spirit and the material support of his family, friends and supporters makes his successful and productive integration into society a certainty.  Further imprisonment only diminishes what two decades of "justice" has already accomplished.

PLEASE, be an agent of justice, mercy and freedom by sharing your compassion and joining us in our quest to bring home our son, brother and friend, Tolu.  Sign this petition and share it with at least 10 other people.  Help us take this campaign VIRAL and win Tolu presidential mercy from!  Thank you.


Friends of Tolu

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    1. Big Support From Nigeria

      Greeting Friends of Tolu, here is the link to a major article written by the Nigerian Watch.

      Please take the time to view this article and help promote. Thanks

      22 years in jail for a non-violent first offence

      FREEDOM FOR TOLU: Back our campaign for clemency - 'This man more than deserves a second chance,' say lawyers and prison officers.

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    3. Visit Tolus' web site

      The link below will assist you in going to tolu's web site to see other ways you can take a personal hand in assisting our friend Tolu.

    4. Going slowly but Steady

      Greetings Friends of Tolu, Thanks to your gratious support we are nearing the 2000 signature mark and with continued support from you and your friends we can make a difference in Tolu's lifestyle. Please continue to post this as often as you can to keep awareness of the injustice of our archaic system of justice.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Ama Etuk UYO, NIGERIA
      • 23 days ago

      I think Tolu's sentence was in the first place too heavy and also, he deserves a second chance.

    • cnidi obasc OAK PARK, MI
      • 28 days ago


      • 28 days ago

      May the mercy of God speak for Mr. Tolu.

    • Oyenmwen Omoregie TORONTO, CANADA
      • 29 days ago

      It shows the lump-sidedness of the American judicial system. A first degree murderer serves shorter time in prison than non-violent first offender. A police officer who kills a young black boy is found NOT guilty why a Tolu spends 30 years in jail for booking flight for drug courier

    • Ajao ALAPO SPAIN
      • about 1 month ago

      May God assists to take you away from this matter.


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