Ban Penn State's participation in NCAA football.
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Ban Penn State's participation in NCAA football.

    1. Adam Roberts
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      Adam Roberts

      Houston, TX

The most senior officials at Penn State University failed for more than a decade to take any steps to protect the children victimized by Jerry Sandusky. Penn State officials including Head Coach Joe Paterno, the University President and Vice President conspired to cover up the actions of a serial pedophile in order to win football games and protect the schools image. We encourage the NCAA to have courage to do the right thing and make a definitive statement on behalf of college athletics that this horrific failure will not be tolerated by taking away Penn State's participation in NCAA football. It is the least the NCAA can do.

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    • Ken Layton ROGERS, AR
      • over 2 years ago

      I have to say this whole thing disturbs me more than I ever thought it would. When it first broke out I figured it was a case of some old sick man being able to keep his behavior a secret because people just didn't realize what was happening. Initially I found the 2001 incident totally shocking. This is where the individual I referred to as big wimp number 1 sees the sicko in the shower raping a 10 year old child and while he tells him to stop, all he then does is go call his DAD!!!...and then tells "coach" and the "admin". I mean come on, this guy was a big young man. Why not walk over take care of this and then call the police. If just he had done this the following 10-20-30 other children who were attacked by this monster would have been spared.

      Then I find out this worthless "man" was the best of the entire group!!!!! The others not only covered up this time, they knew he was doing this 3 years before 2001!!!!!!!! What is happening here!!!! Then they actually say...."oh...well the only downside to this course of action (the cover up) is we become vulnerable if it comes out we didn't tell the authorities". So to these guys more children being raped was not a downside as long as no one found out. I really hope they get to find out what the real downside feels like.

      I never thought this could be what was going on. I guess the idea that anyone would allow children to be raped so they could keep their precious status position is beyond my ability contemplate. Of course now it is out in the open, but in this instance I have no "qualms" in punishing the people who supposedly did "nothing wrong". In the world of Penn State they still don't get their precious boys were and are evil. I read that donations are at a record level, the football team has a great recruiting class, and students are saying they will defend the statue of old "Pa". Seriously......they all are part of an entirely lost and sick world. They are less than human in my estimation. Their entire culture enabled this evil to continue for a decade and a half!!!!!!...and probably long before!!!! I'm sure this monster was on the prowl for years before the 98 shower rape was discovered!!!

      If there is any honor in the entire university they should close down this program themselves. The guy they hired to find out the truth (which I'm sure they thought would clear the gang not prove what worthless scum they really are) laid it out for them in black and white. The entire world knows what the people in charge of their university stood for when it mattered. Any honorable person would just kill the football program and say we are sorry for the harm it has done. The football program now represents EVIL...nothing more nothing less. It is simple to do. Give all the athletes full scholarships to finish their education at Penn State if they care more about going there and getting an education than playing football. Or allow them to transfer if they want to play football for someone else, but pay the other university the cost of them going there.

      Obviously they will not do this, so I do hope the NCAA will realize this is just a bit more wrong than trading a jersey for a tattoo!!!. Or money payments. Seriously this is not about money this is about the destruction of children's right to a normal life!! By not doing what was right when it was totally in their power to do they are totally responsible for the results every bit as much as ole Jerry. Seriously to me they are even worse that the old sicko since they were not crazy, and had the mental capacity to do what should be done.

      So....if they don't do it themselves, I think they should have their precious program suspended one year for each year the cover up existed THAT WE CAN PROVE!!!....which is 14 years. After that they can beg for it to be reinstated, but I for one will never watch a single minute of Penn State football again. Further if their board of trustees and alumni to not stand for what is right, I'll boycott their entire product. Until they in some serious measure atone for their crimes I will never employ a Penn State grad.

      I guess everyone who has a problem understanding what this really is about should picture ole Jerry pinning their little boy to the shower floor and raping him....while ole "Pa" outside standing guard so no one finds out.

    • Scott Wurster WHITEFISH, MT
      • over 2 years ago

      The Penn State football program netted $53.2 million in 2010-11 alone - and how much more since 1998 - perhaps explaining why the NCAA will probably not act for at least a year, and is "not expected to shut down Penn State’s football program."

      "'The evidence clearly shows, in our view, an active agreement to conceal,' (said) Louis Freeh."

      "Paterno and other top Penn State figures put the university's reputation over children's safety, emphasizing what was called 'the Penn State Way' that promoted athletics without fear of oversight or reprisal from an ineffective board of trustees.",0,5456279.story

      "Complicating the situation is the sheer economic weight of the football program at the school that earned its nickname as “Linebacker U.” for the gritty defensive style, owed in part to Sandusky.

      Citing federal filings, the Morning Call reports that Penn State's football program grossed $72.7 million in 2010-11. Even deducting $19.5 million in expenses, the football team banked $53.2 million."

      "And that doesn’t count the usual multiplier effects on area hotels, restaurants, merchants and so forth."

      "So, while the NCAA will act at some point, probably not for at least another year, it is not expected to shut down Penn State’s football program.",0,4725237.story

    • N.G. Haiduck BRONX, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      NCAA must take action against Penn State -- or the NCAA will lose its credibility.

      • over 2 years ago

      criminal activity for decades, loss of perspective, need to send a msg to other schools that this will not be tolerated.

    • Michael Simmons LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      The NCAA's already diminishing credibility is on the line. If the NCAA fails to give PSU the death penalty, it too will become an accessory after the fact to child rape. It will darken all of college athletics and remove any doubt that the NCAA, just like PSU, Paterno, and the local community, care more about football and money more than NCAA rules, the law, or the welfare of children.

      This is by far the single worst scandal to hit college football. It is worse than mere 'lack of institutional control' - it is the entire institution -- from the university president, to the football staff, to the local police department -- all willfully becoming accessories to a decade's worth of child rape. This was willful, coordinated criminal behavior by the entire institution and community.


      PSU gave Sandusky the tools he needed to continue to lure and rape children - they gave him access to a Penn State satellite campus to run his football camp for kids until 2009 (so no 10 year statute of limitations problem), they gave him 'emeritus' status, and allowed him access to the university, which gave him the university's seal of approval to boost his status and make it easier for him to groom rape victims.


      The entire Penn State community has behaved like a religious cult. They were more concerned about hurting football than they were a decade's worth of child rape. And it's clear that most of their fans still care more about football than the children who were raped.

      The NCAA needs to make an example of PSU in order to make it crystal clear to all sports programs that they should all fear for their jobs, sports program, and university if they don't report child rape to the police.

      Simply rearranging the staff and implementing new governing protocols after the fact is not enough. PSU needs to be punished, and the punishment needs to be harsh enough that all college football programs wince at the severity.

      Anything short of the Death Penalty will mean PSU got away with it, that there is no limit to the depths of depravity an entire university, football program, and college community can sink that the NCAA won't let slide.

      Sadly, I suspect the NCAA, just like Paterno and PSU, only really cares about money PSU makes and will happily look the other way on child rape too so long as they get to keep cashing their checks.


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