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President Obama: Stop the Insane Drug War and shut down the DEA

    1. James Mooney
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      James Mooney

      Apache Junction, AZ

President Obama - if you are re-elected please stop this Insane Drug War and shut down the DEA

It has ruined millions of lives, of people who did no harm.
It costs billions of dollars.
It perverts our police forces and disillusions its members.
It is a total failure.

In a time of budget shortage it is an enormous drain, not just itself but in the costly prisons it fills.

Yet you have pursued it as mindlessly as the last President, even to harassing poor cancer patients and states that legalize harmless marijuana.

Besides, politicians who smoked doobies in their youth shouldn't be hypocritically putting others in jail for it now.

It is time to STOP! We sure don't want to kill FEMA, but the DEA needs to go!

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