President Obama: Speak Out on Famine
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President Obama: Speak Out on Famine

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The hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis – and it’s far from over. Half the Somali population doesn’t have enough food to eat. By the end of the year, 750,000 Somalis may have died of hunger.

Despite the immense scale of suffering, the world has done too little to address the crisis. Our own President has barely acknowledged it in his public statements. After the Haiti earthquake, the President showed real leadership by speaking out loudly and publicly about the importance of a major global response. The fact that he has not done so on this famine reflects that broader global failure to commit to addressing this crisis.

President Obama needs to speak out publicly – and soon – to signal a strong American commitment and to press global leaders to contribute aid that is desperately needed by the people of East Africa. With hundreds of children in Africa’s Horn dying of hunger every day, our President can’t stay silent.

Tell President Obama to speak out now, and help bring global attention to crisis in the Horn.

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