Restore funding to help lead poisoned children!
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Restore funding to help lead poisoned children!

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      Childhood Lead Action Project

When President Obama signed the omnibus budget bill in December, he left a critical children’s health program in the lurch! The final bill slashed the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) healthy homes and lead poisoning prevention program by 94%. Without immediate intervention from the President, the 35 state offices funded by this program will face devastating cutbacks, leaving half a million lead poisoned children without the full services they need in the coming year.

In the fight against lead poisoning, state healthy homes programs are like the fire department. They get the call when kids are lead poisoned, and make sure families get immediate help. Without the work they do to track basic data about how and where kids are getting lead poisoned, parents and health experts alike will be plunged into the dark about whose kids are at the highest risk. President Obama has the power to step in and restore the healthy homes budget to the $31 million necessary to save this critical program now. Join us in calling on President Obama to take action immediately!

When young children are lead poisoned, they can suffer permanent damage to the brain, neurological system, and other organs. Depending on the exposure level and other factors, this leaves children with lifelong challenges ranging from behavior and learning problems to severe cognitive impairment, organ damage, and worse.

Although significant government funding for education and hazard reduction has reduced lead poisoning rates in recent years, it's far too early to give up the fight. In fact, new research shows that our current standards for measuring lead poisoning are outdated, and under-report the severity of the problem. Just last month, a CDC advisory committee recommended that the federal government lower the official threshold for when a child is considered to have so much lead in his or her blood that immediate intervention is necessary. This is likely to double the caseload of poisoned kids needing assistance – the kids who will be left in the lurch if these cuts are maintained.

Failing to save this program will mean that the federal government is abandoning the low-income families and children of color who bear the brunt of the burden of lead poisoning. In some areas of the country, African American and Latino children are 8 to 9 times more likely to enter school with a history of lead poisoning. This is a terrible injustice that cannot be allowed to continue.

Sign our petition today and call on President Obama to restore funding to help lead poisoned children!

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      • about 2 years ago

      The savings in reduced costs for special education, behavioral health, and other costly impacts of lead poisoning more than outweigh the costs for remediation and prevention, say nothing of the moral imperative.

    • Carol Scotto Brotman LINCOLN, RI
      • about 2 years ago

      I am concerned for children who will become sick and possibly have their abilities affected. This impacts their family, neighborhood, state and our future.

    • Evelyn Collick ELKTON, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      My step son is 13 yrs old and his lead level was so high as an baby he could of died. The attorney literally said its nothing they can do after years of working on the case. One of the teachers in his school said the only thing he will be good for is working in a chicken plant. Even the supreme court is no help. They rejected a ruling that was in favor of the landlord. We need help and reassurance that he will get help for the rest of his life and the landlord should be liable for not keeping that dwellings a healthy home. Help us please.

    • Doris Drayton MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • about 2 years ago

      Because my neice and nephew was diagnosed with lead poison.

    • Angela Richardson ROCK ISLAND, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      My 2 year old and 5 year old were diagnosed with lead poisoning in April 2012. They were exposed to lead dust during renovations that my landlord were ordered by my cities rental inspection department. The Health Department was monoriting my children but due to funding, the support program is no longer available. I am basically on my own in dealing with the effects the poisoning has had on my children, my landlord cannot afford to complete the repairs effectively, and all the programs in my community say they have exhausted funding. I would have never thought that the health problems my children had been having were due to lead poisoning, it was found by accident during a routine test for my day care provider.


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