President Obama: No Legitimacy for Bashir
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President of the United States

President Obama: No Legitimacy for Bashir

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We need President Obama and our elected leaders to send a message to the world that an illegitimate electoral process should not permit a fugitive of the International Criminal Court to legitimize his brutal dictatorship.

Send an email directly to the White House now and let them know you think the United States should lead the world in making sure brutal dictator Bashir is not allowed to claim legitimacy from a rigged election.

President of the United States
Given the lack of even the most basic freedoms in Darfur and throughout Sudan, I urge you to ensure that the Sudanese elections do not legitimize a genocidal, corrupt government and instead reflect the true will of the Sudanese people.

During the elections in Sudan, please stand with me and the Sudanese people.

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