President Obama: Commutation for Weldon Angelos - 55 years for marijuana
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President Obama: Commutation for Weldon Angelos - 55 years for marijuana

    1. Lisa Angelos
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      Lisa Angelos

      Sandy, UT

My brother Weldon Angelos, has already been in a federal penitentiary for 10 years.  He faces 45 more years in prison.  All because he sold small amounts of marijuana and possessed – only possessed, didn’t use – guns at the same time! Even the judge who sentenced Weldon disagreed with the mandatory sentence of 55 years.

The father of two young boys and a daughter, Weldon had never before been in trouble with the law.  He was convicted when he was 24 years old of selling small amounts of marijuana to a federal law enforcement informant three times.  The informant testified that a gun was present (never displayed or used) during two of the pot deals.  

When police officers presented a warrant for Weldon’s arrest, he consented to a search of his apartment, where officers found some marijuana, a handgun in his briefcase, and two guns in a locked safe. 

The conservative federal judge Paul Cassell, appointed by President George W. Bush, sentenced Weldon to one day in prison on the marijuana charges.  But, to the judge’s dismay, he had to sentence Weldon to 55 years in prison because Weldon possessed the guns during a drug crime.  That sentence was required by a mandatory minimum sentencing statute.

Judge Cassell called the sentence “unjust, cruel, and even irrational.”  So too have dozens of former judges, U.S. attorneys, and former U.S. Attorneys General who joined together in challenging Weldon’s outrageous sentence.

Under federal law, an extra five years sentence must be imposed for a first offense of having a gun present during an illegal drug transaction.  For each subsequent offense (even just having a gun in a briefcase or a gun locker), an additional sentence of 25 years must be added.  The prosecution “stacked” the three gun charges against Weldon, for sentences of 5 years, 25 years, and another 25 years.

Judge Cassell said the 55 year sentence he was forced to impose was grossly disproportionate.  He noted that Weldon’s sentence is far longer than sentences imposed “for three aircraft hijackings, three second-degree murders, three racial beatings inflicting life-threatening injuries, three kidnappings, and three rapes.”  Also, no state court would impose a sentence anywhere close to 55 years for Weldon’s offenses.  As noted by Judge Cassell, in Utah, where the marijuana sales occurred, Weldon would serve about five to seven years.

Judge Cassell called upon the President to commute Weldon’s sentence, but that hasn’t happened yet – and, after ten years, Weldon is still in prison.  It breaks my heart.  My father fears he will die without ever seeing Weldon from behind bars.

The Constitution provides the President with the power of commutation to reach a humane, merciful, just result.  Please help us reach that result by signing and sharing this petition. 

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    1. Can you help once more?

      Lisa Angelos
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you again for signing my petition to free my brother Weldon, who is serving a 55 year sentence for marijuana. I need to ask for your help once more - we are hoping to raise $20,000 to pay legal fees and raise awareness to convince the President that Weldon is deserving of clemency.

      Any contribution will help us and you can donate here:

      If released, some of the funds will go to help Weldon start a new life. It can be difficult to return to life outside of prison walls after so long and having some funds will help him adjust more quickly.

      Thank you so much,

      Lisa Angelos

      Free Weldon Angelos on Fundly

      Twelve years ago by my brother Weldon Angelos was a successful musician and father of three young children. Today he is a federal prisoner serving a mandatory 55-year prison sentence for a first-time marijuana offense. He has served 11 years and is not scheduled to be released from prison until 2057.

    2. Update about Weldon Angelos

      Lisa Angelos
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you so much for signing my petition to urge President Obama to grant clemency to my brother Weldon Angelos, a first-time marijuana offender serving a 55 mandatory year prison sentence. You are joined by a group of prominent actors, musicians, and former elected and appointed government officials who wrote a letter to President Obama urging him to commute Weldon's sentence.

      Prior to my brother's arrest in 2002, he was an up-and-coming music producer and musician who had worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur's recording group. As a way to fund our clemency campaign we placed onto iTunes an album Weldon produced with Snoop Dogg entitled We From The LBC and a song he recorded with Dante Thomas entitled So Many Reasons. We desperately need your help. The album and song are available exclusively on iTunes:

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    Dec 05, 2012

    Sign and share petition to commute 55 years sentence for pot sales when seller had (didn't use or even display) guns.

    Rocky Anderson

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    • anais argota HOLLYWOOD, FL
      • about 6 hours ago


    • Kate Simms LITTLETON, CO
      • 3 days ago

      Possession of marijuana is legal in at least two states...the sentence is way too harsh.

    • Steve Amos LYNNWOOD, WA
      • 3 days ago

      Mandatory sentences do not work. A criminal deserving 1 night does not need 55 years. Justice is punishment matching the crime.

    • Robert Centeno BERWYN, IL
      • 4 days ago

      This story makes me cry. It never amazes me to see how many of my fellow citizens life's have been ruined by this out of control government.

    • jessica lozano SAN LEANDRO, CA
      • 5 days ago

      Its Unjustice.


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