President Obama, Be Champion for Whales

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President Obama's administration should work to protect the whales, whether here or abroad in international meetings with other countries. President Obama's administration should take a strong stand at the International Whaling Commission to conserve whale populations and promote greater scientific understanding of whales and their ecosystems. 

President Obama's administration should work to protect the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary.

We made huge progress in saving the whales once and for all back in the 80s when we stopped commercial whaling. We can save them from future threats too, but we need your help.

Please take action now to tell President Obama that he should be a champion for saving the whales.

Please be a champion for the whales. We need science, not politics, to prevail in meetings with the International Whaling Commission in order to protect whales and their ocean ecosystems. Thank you for standing up for conservation efforts to protect these incredible creatures.


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