Audit Government in several States, to correct emergencies of injustice.
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President Obama and Vice President Biden

Audit Government in several States, to correct emergencies of injustice.

    1. Scott  Davis
    2. Petition by

      Scott Davis

      Edgmont, PA

November 9, 2012
Dear Mr. President and Mr. Vice President:
The Constitution must be restored in certain corrupt jurisdictions of the United States, especially where a discernible pattern of repeated or egregious
deprivation and denial of Constitutional protections have resulted
in compounded harm and Government wrongdoing toward individuals who are generally innocent, or are the victims of malicious prosecution or cruel and
unusual punishment.
The President, as an official sworn to uphold the Constitution, and empowered as the head of a branch of the Federal government; and the Vice President, as president of the Senate; have the primary non-judicial obligation - within the Federal government - of enforcing Article Four, Section Four of the US Constitution, which "shall guarantee to all States" a form of Government which abides by the Constitution. Diligent exercise of the Presidential power to pardon and reprieve, as well as the power of the President to grant Federal disaster assistance to victims of disasters, should be exercised in such contexts where victims of Government misconduct are suffering harm through the unjust and unconstitutional actions of Government.
Contrary to popular opinion, the President's powers to grant pardons and
reprieves are not limited to Federal cases, but extend to State judicial
matters and beyond, especially whenever there is a need to resolve
conflict of interest, to remediate suffering which has been unjustly
inflicted by Government, to end excessive punishment, or to quash
malicious and unfair and needless prosecutions and other legal actions
which never should have proceeded in the first place.
We are calling for a White House investigational audit (NOT conducted through the US Justice Department, but rather through a FIST Prosecutor or other congruent new special agency to be created by the President) respecting the following:
1) The California court system and county governments of southern California,
especially including the northward municipal extensions of authority of Mono Lake
and Owens River and Owens Lake;
2) The Louisiana State courts and local and State governments,
particularly in the four parishes of East Feliciana, West Feliciana,
Pointe Coupee and Caddo;
3) Alabama State government and its questionable Federal connections;
4) The Pennsylvania State Attorney General's office,
the unfinished prior Federal investigation of
Philadelphia City Hall, and the Pennsylvania court
system, particularly in the Middle District
of Pennsylvania;
5) The State and local government system of up to three
other States, including Connecticut and Nebraska,
including possible Federal connections involving
egregious whistleblower retaliation.
We request that the White House special investigation of
Alabama, California Nebraska and Louisiana extend
from January 1, 1999 until the present time, that
the investigation of Pennsylvania extend
from January 1, 1991 until the present time,
and that the investigation of Connecticut
and its Federal agencies
extend from January 1, 2001
to the present time.
We request that Richard I. Fine be appointed
as FIST Prosecutor (or the equivalent thereof)
for California, that Ricardo Jones, Sr. or a
person of equivalent stature be appointed
as FIST Prosecutor (or the equivalent) for
Louisiana, that Tom Hartmann be appointed
FIST Prosecutor (or the equivalent) for
Alabama, that Don Bailey be appointed as
FIST Prosecutor (or the equivalent) for
Pennsylvania, and that Judge Andrew
Napolitano be appointed as FIST
Prosecutor (or the equivalent) for
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
We also request that Alan Dershowitz
or an individual of equivalent stature
be appointed to oversee the process
of guiding the White House investigational
audit of State governments, as per Article
Four, Section Four of the US Constitution,
and any possible malfeasant or misfeasant
connections of these and other State
governments with Federal authorities.
Furthermore, we request that wherever and
whenever it is found that there is substantial truth
to allegations of wrongful and corrupt actions by
Government, that victims of such misconduct be
granted pardon and reprieve by the President in a
way which befits any compounded damages resulting
from systematic failure of Government; as befits the situation
of each. We further request that this shall include emergency
disaster assistance in the form of financial compensation (without
prejudice) and emergency housing, other emergency Federal relief,
and motions duly filed with the Clerk of the Supreme Court
of the United States.
We also request that any questionable child custody assignments
discovered in this process qualify for emergency injunctive
Federal relief, and that motions pleading for same be filed
without delay by the officials appointed by the President to
oversee this process of restoring justice.
Prepared by Scott Davis.
Very truly yours, the American people
and people around the world who believe
that America should be free and fair in
our Government.

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    1. Don Bailey now under attack by Pennsylvania government fascists:

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      <> Here is
      Pennsylvania Attorney Don Bailey reviewing the situation on
      hydraulic fracturing and the legalities of the consequences thereof.
      Don Bailey is the object of attempts by corrupt Pennsylvania officials
      to censor him and end his freedom of speech.
      Sign this petition and defend the First Amendment
      right to oppose fracking and general Government
      fraud and Constitution-busting in Pennsylvania
      - and in other states in the USA.

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    • anthony pappas ASTORIA, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      We need accountability for the judicial branch of government as part of our democratic system. often, it is the Twilight Zone of American democracy. Effective recourse is needed and there should be permanent Public Advocates to assist in providing prompt redress.

    • Janet Morgan NATCHEZ, MS
      • almost 2 years ago

      349 years in Angola, LA is where Michael Cobb and he is innocent. False confessions, forced out of him.

    • Elizabeth Grieco SAYLORSBURG, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Stop the abuses of prolonged detention! Stop the abuses of using "Shock Belts

      made in China, on prisoners that are wishing to go to trail! This is a Constitutional 8rh amendment violation for cruel and unusal punishment! Stop horrid conditions, like one razor, for 80 inmates, promoting the spread of Aides, HIV, Mera, flesh eating diseases! Stop the prolonged detention of those who have been legally! Stop the incarceration of Child Support Victims in an economy that can't provide jobs, because they are all gone to China! Stop Sending Jobs to China! Protect America from Totalitarian system, like China, with human rights abuses by the millions! Reinstate our U.S. Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, to protect the common folk! WE, the people, are living under oppression today, this must stop! Take back your country and it's lost freedoms! God Bless America and her people!

    • sandra bahe PHOENIX, AZ
      • almost 2 years ago

      Supporting our natives

    • Andrea Cota Eigner CROMWELL, CT
      • almost 2 years ago

      Americans have suffered long enough with judicial tyranny and other forms of corruption.


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