Reject the brand change to "Fearless Minds"
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Reject the brand change to "Fearless Minds"

    1. Devin Manges
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      Devin Manges

      Marquette, MI

"Northern, Naturally" has been the brand for Northern Michigan University for many years now, and it may be time for an update. NMU has been in the process of rebranding (basically revamping how NMU connects to potential students) for two years now. It is most likely certain that "Northern, Naturally" will be changed, but a decision has not yet been made, and will not be made without the input of the students. That being said, one of the options for the new brand is "Fearless Minds", and I do not think this is the best choice for NMU. "Fearless Minds" is a very impersonal statement, and has no ties to the culture that makes NMU so unique. NMU has always been proud of its connection to the wilderness of the U.P. and the close-knit Marquette community, and the slogan should reflect that. Many students are attracted to NMU because of the environment that we're in and the many outdoor recreation activities that are available, and it would be in the best interest of prospective NMU students to keep the brand outdoor-related.

There are thousands of universities in the United States, but not many are surrounded by such a beautiful environment as we are. In terms of academics, athletics, and student organizations, our university is pretty average. Our minds are probably not considerably more fearless than others. It truly is our ties to the Marquette and U.P. culture and nature that set us apart from the rest, and the brand should reflect this.

Please understand that it was President Haynes who thought up this catch phrase, and that he took a lot of time and thought into creating it. He explained in class that when he thinks of NMU students, he thinks of us as fearless, and that we have a lot of courage. The courage to do the dangerous and fun activities like jumping off black rocks and snowboarding and such, and the courage and fearlessness to chase your dreams. I don't know all of his reasons, but he is very sincere and cares a lot about NMU and the students. I love President Haynes and think he is a wonderful president, I just think that the phrase "fearless minds" doesn't quite capture NMU. Also, please remember to be polite when voicing your opinion. These are all nice people that we are working with who love NMU, and everyday work to make this a better place. They are very open to input, so please be courteous.

If you would like to know more, please email ASNMU at They are very nice people as well so be nice!

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      Devin Manges
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      Tomorrow there will be two articles about the rebranding that will talk about this petition, one in the Mining Journal and one in the NorthWind.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Olivia Kingery MARQUETTE, MI
      • 6 months ago

      Northern Naturally represents everything that NMU is. I will be a lot less proud of my school if the slogan changes.

    • Maryellen Charbonneau MCFARLAND, WI
      • 7 months ago

      There are so many wonderful feelings I get when I think about my time at NMU. While I understand the reasoning behind this brand idea, it feels so distant from the reasons I chose NMU...and loved it when I left. I would love something more true to the environment, community and spirit of the NMU tradition.

    • Kyle Wiering AUSTIN, TX
      • 8 months ago

      I graduated in '09. Fear, or lack thereof, was not pertaining to anything at Northern. The proposed change takes something that wad pretty unique and turns it into a mindless catch phrase for marketing. When I relate experiences about Northern, the Northern aspect is what most often comes up. Fearless minds is a phrase that is out of sync with northern. In the end, nothing more then mindless drivel.

    • Holli Rash MARQUETTE, MI
      • 11 months ago

      The nature that northern encompasses is an important part to why I came here. Fearless Minds is just a notion to join the generic and meaningless slogans that every university has. We have a slogan already that is true and distinct to who we are and where we live. Changing this slogan is changing our view about this campus and university, and it's wrong. Don't converge to mainstream, stay how we are.

    • Xavier Carroll MARQUETTE, MI
      • 11 months ago

      NMU is Natural beauty. I came here this year because I love the atmosphere, which is described well by 'Northern, Naturally,' and is not described at all by 'Fearless Minds.' Fearless Minds has no connection to NMU, the students, or the environment around it. Basically, keep it natural, because 'Fearless Minds' is dumb as fuck. I'm out. Bitches.


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