Demand A Stop To The Belo Monte Dam.
  • Petitioned President: Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian Embassy London. UN-EP. EEA

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President: Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian Embassy London. UN-EP. EEA

Demand A Stop To The Belo Monte Dam.

    1. James Howie
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      James Howie

      Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

First of all I ask you all to sign, repost, tweet, share everywhere you can and keep pushing. We can stop this, we can save the Amazon, the people, the animals. We can stop greed from ruining our world. Take A Stand...

The Brazilian Amazon, home to 60 percent of the world’s largest forest and 20 percent of the Earth’s oxygen, remains threatened by the rapid development of the country. The area is currently populated by over 20 million people and is challenged by deforestation, agriculture, mining, a governmental dam-building spree, illegal land speculation including the occupation of forest reserves and indigenous land and other issues...
YOU can be the world wide voice for the people of the Amazon, for the Animals of the Amazon and for the world itself, your voice is needed.
Why should people sign this petition and back us in this fight ?... I think the answer is easy. The dam will cause a mass flooding of the already endangered Amazon Rainforest, in doing this it will destroy thousands of natives homes, innocent people will die, lose their land, their rights and way of life, animals will lose their homes and many will die and a massive section of what many including myself call the lungs of the world will be destroyed forever and for what ?... Money, Power, Greed, it seems that is all that man cares about and needs, more money, more control and will slaughter for greed, I ask you all to Sign this petition and send it to everyone you know, mail it, post it, tweet it and push it all over... Some facts for you all...

The company will tell you its in the name of progress and that its for the people, the facts are its not for the people most of the pwer generated is for more mining, for exports and 30% to share holders. so the people get nothing, greed, power and control for the money men, destruction death and loss for the people, animals and the planet, is it worth it ?... NO
The EIA report carried out on Belo Monte was in fact funded and carried out by the company responsible for Belo Monte itself, Eletrobras/Eletronorte, part of the Norte Energia consortium. It was done with Andrade Gutierrez, Odebrecht, Camargo Corrêa, contracted out to Leme Engenharia, which is part of the GDF Suez, which operates 15 hydroelectric plants in the Amazon, the Jirau on the Madeira among them. In short, the EIA report has no credibility...

Belo Monte will destroy vast areas of pristine Amazon rainforest and biodiversity, causing the extinction of many rare species of animals and plants... I ask you all to fight, to take a stand, post it everywhere, share, push and fight the good fight. With respect always, James Howie.
C.O.P.E -- Carers Of Planet Earth...

President: Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian Embassy London. UN-EP. EEA
Demand A Stop To The Belo Monte Dam.

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      • 9 months ago

      There are not many pristine places left, so it's vital to save the Amazon!

    • Lizette van der Meij BORN, NETHERLANDS
      • 11 months ago

      Biodiversity and the future of the whole planet.

    • Esteban Jimenez TEMPLE, TX
      • 12 months ago

      i am taino and i believe all my indigenous brothers and sisters need to be given what is rightfully theirs. enough of the great genocide of the euro influence. Peace to all

      • about 1 year ago

      Thed rainforests are important to all the peoples of the world as well as the indigenous tribes So as a responsible citizen of the world I demand th\at this project is stopped.

      • about 1 year ago

      Because it's more important to take care of the lungs of the earth such as the amazonas, and the people and animals that live there.

      there is no way to value what nature represents in terms of money!!!! PLS STOP IT there are a lot of other ways to make money that destroying!!!!!


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