Tell us the Truth about Syria. Stop this Violent Proxy War.
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Tell us the Truth about Syria. Stop this Violent Proxy War.

    1. Nora Zerounian and Aliss Diaz
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      Nora Zerounian and Aliss Diaz

      Portola Hills, CA


“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

                                                    -George Santayana


               The Syrian conflict began around March of 2011.  According to the United Nations, between 20,000-40,000 people have been killed and about 1.5 million people have been displaced.

               As we read the news headlines about the Syrian conflict and we talk to our family living in Aleppo and throughout Syria, we find ourselves confused.  What is the truth?  The media leads us to believe that the conflict began as a civil war where protestors were demanding the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad.  There have been sporadic news reports in America of the Syrian government’s army using force against unarmed protestors.  From a distance, of course, this sounds wrong and must be stopped.               

               However, there is another side to the story.  Personally, we have family and friends that live in Syria.  They tell an entirely different truth of the situation as they live in it.  Just as we did, they immigrated to Syria following the Armenian Genocide.  They remained in Syria, where they have since had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Syria has always been welcoming of the Christian Armenians. 

             In Aleppo today, there is an outright war between the opposition forces and the Syrian people/government.  Who are these opposition forces, where did they come from, and why are they fighting against Syria? Are they peaceful protestors or are they foreign sponsored terrorist soldiers waging a war against Syria?  As is seen and reported by many in Syria, these rebels are not peaceful.  They are actually mostly non-Syrian, foreign-sponsored and heavily armed soldiers.  Just where have they come from and who is providing arms to these rebels?           

            The conflict in Syria is clearly an overt proxy war in which the war itself is instigated by a major power that does not itself participate.  Who exactly is fighting this proxy war?  It is clear that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar support the opposition and have provided training and arms to the Syrian opposition fighters. But, what exactly is the United States role in this proxy war?  Former U.S. Special Operations officials have reported that Al Qaeda is in Syria and is part of the Syrian opposition forces.  This has also been reported by many other American and international news agencies.

             So why is the U.S. fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan to wage a “war on terror” while we are supporting the very same Al Qaeda in Syria?  Just who is Al Qaeda?  Who are these terrorists?  Why is the United States waging this war in Syria and lining itself up with Al Qaeda?

                  In a news interview, U.S. President Barack Obama was asked why the U.S. is funding Syrian opposition when there are reports of Al Qaeda heading up the Syrian opposition.  The President stated that “we will provide non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition” with the emphasis being on protecting human rights.  Yet, American support for the terrorists trying to overthrow Syria has nothing to do with human rights.  According to Reuters, “The State Department says the U.S. government had set aside a total of $25 million for ‘non-lethal’ assistance to the Syrian opposition.” This was said to be mostly communications equipment, including encrypted radios.  So, if the U.S. is only sending “non-lethal” support, then why are we facilitating the transfer of weapons to Syrian opposition forces through other countries?  The United States government granted a non-governmental organization called the Syrian Support Group a license to fund the Free Syrian Army (FSA), commonly known as the Syrian opposition forces.  In addition, the United States has set up a center for the Syrian insurgency in Adana, Turkey.  This area is a major U.S. military and intelligence center and is located about 60miles north of the Syrian border.  The New York Times reported that “the weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some anti-tank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”  Even though the U.S. isn’t actually providing the weapons itself, the U.S. CIA is directly part of this process by distributing assault rifles, anti-tank rocket launchers and other ammunition to the Syrian opposition.   Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and many others have been covering up the crimes of the opposition forces.  They have been getting international support for this terrorist organization and this alone is deeply disturbing to us as United States citizens.

                  Just exactly what role is the U.S. playing in this war?  Why would the U.S. support Al Qaeda in Syria to bring down the Syrian Government? Why are innocent Syrian citizen’s lives not valuable to the United States?  Why wage this proxy war in Syria just to get to Iran?  Obama’s statement that the United States is providing only “non-lethal” support to the Syrian opposition is an outright cynical lie.  The American citizens do not want the bloodshed of tens of thousands of innocent Syrian citizen’s lives and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Please stop using innocent Syrian lives to wage war against Iran. 

                   We need to stop the violence in Syria.  Let’s use diplomatic means.  This is barbaric.  A Genocide is taking place in Syria.  Videos have emerged showing the Syrian opposition forces carrying out mass executions in Aleppo.  The Western sponsored fighters are assassinating civil servants, kidnapping and killing journalists who are trying to make independent assessments of the situation, and bombing entire population centers to create fear in the citizens.  They are using extreme violence and terrorism on the civilian population.  The people of Syria largely support Assad and are pleading with us to end this violence.  The foreign-sponsored terrorist opposition forces are committing atrocities in Syria.  The people are desperate and in dire need of some assistance.  This is clearly not about protecting human rights!  Please help stop this violent attack on Syria and its people.  Let’s gather together and put a stop to the human rights violations in this proxy war in Syria, even if it is being sponsored from our own backyard. 




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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 8 months ago

      In Syria is a conflict between the religions and the real reason for this war! Sharia must be worldwide banned of christian and democratic countries, because Sharia is inhumane and cruel. Rape victims get inprisoned, murdered of the families, must marriage their rapists and often getting flagged and stoned. That is one cruel case in the year 2008. Child of 13 stoned to death in Somalia

      A girl stoned to death in Somalia this week was 13 years old, contrary to earlier news reports. She had been accused of adultery in breach of Islamic law.

      Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was killed on Monday 27 October, 2008, by a group of 50 men in a stadium in the southern port of Kismayu, in front of around 1,000 spectators. Somali journalists who had reported she was 23 have told Amnesty International that they judged her age by her physical appearance.

      Inside the stadium, militia members opened fire when some of the witnesses to the killing attempted to save her life, and shot dead a boy who was a bystander. An al-Shabab spokeperson was later reported to have apologized for the death of the child, and said the militia member would be punished.

      At one point during the stoning, Amnesty International has been told by numerous eyewitnesses that nurses were instructed to check whether Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was still alive when buried in the ground. They removed her from the ground, declared that she was, and she was replaced in the hole where she had been buried for the stoning to continue.

      Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was accused of adultery, but sources told Amnesty International that she had in fact been raped by three men, and had attempted to report this rape to the al-Shabab militia who control Kismayo. It was this act that resulted in her being accused of adultery and detained. None of men she accused of rape were arrested.

      She was detained by militia of the Kismayo authorities, a coalition of Al-shabab and clan militias. During this time, she was reportedly extremely distressed, with some individuals stating she had become mentally unstable.

      Amnesty International has campaigned to end the use of the punishment of stoning, calling it gruesome and horrific. This killing of Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow demonstrates the cruelty and the inherent discrimination against women of this punishment.

      The report, from the Austria-based Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, summarized incidents ranging from vandalism and insults to the suppression of religious symbols, desecrations, “hate crimes” and religiously motivated violence.

      Dr. Gudrun Kugler, director of the observatory, said studies suggest that 85 percent of hate crimes in Europe are directed against Christians.

      “It is high time for the public debate to respond to this reality!” Kugler said.

      In Scotland, 95 percent of religiously motivated violence targets Christians. In France, 84 percent of vandalism is directed against Christian places of worship.

      The observatory has also monitored professional restrictions on Christians. A restrictive definition of freedom of conscience means that professions such as magistrates, doctors, nurses, midwives and pharmacists are “slowly closing for Christians.”

      Teachers and parents “get into trouble” when they disagree with state-defined sexual ethics, the report said.

      One survey in the U.K. indicates popular perception agrees. Seventy-four percent of poll respondents said that there is more negative discrimination against Christians than people of other faiths.

      The observatory intends to monitor both the social marginalization of Christians and the denial of their equal rights.

      Catholic Bishop András Veres of Szombathely, Hungary, reacted to the report March 19.

      “The bishops in Europe are particularly conscious of these manifestations of religious discrimination and intolerance which actually confirm how some values and fundamental rights proper to Europe, such as freedom of religion and the legal recognition of our Churches, are far from being an established reality in some nations of the continent,” said the bishop, who follows the observatory’s activities under a mandate from the Council of the Episcopal Conferences of Europe.

      He characterized the report as an invitation for all Christians who have experienced discrimination or intolerance because of their religious beliefs to “step out from anonymity and be courageous.”

      The observatory’s report said that the anti-Christian actions are technically “a form of persecution,” but it advised against labeling them as that in Europe to prevent confusion with anti-Christian crimes in other countries.

      The report also lamented stereotypes and prejudices in public discussion about religion, such as the instantaneous and incorrect labeling of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik as a fundamentalist Christian.

      The observatory also noted positive developments.

      “We were pleased to note that many who have focused exclusively on third world countries that demonstrated outright persecution, are beginning to notice that the marginalization and restriction of rights and freedoms of Christians in Europe are also of concern and deserves our attention,” Kugler said in the report’s introduction.

      Among the highlights for 2011 were a resolution in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe that encouraged public debate on anti-Christian issues and a reassessment of legislation with the potential for negative effects on Christians.

      Another was the European Court of Human Rights to overturn a court decision against crucifixes in state school classrooms in Italy.

      In January 2012, the Spanish government stopped a compulsory education class which drew objections from 55,000 parents, including many Christians.

      The observatory stressed the religious freedom rights of both individuals and religious communities. Religion is a “valuable asset” for society that encourages healthy life and contributions to the common good, it said.

      Bishop Veres encouraged religious believers to live their faith.

      “(B)elieving in God must not be perceived as a fault or sign of weakness,” he said. “Living and witnessing to one’s own religious creed in respect for the freedom and sensitivity of others can only be beneficial for everyone, believers or non-believers, Christians or non-Christians.”

      The bishops of Europe support those whose rights are not respected. Religious freedom is a “valuable good” that continues as a “pillar of peace on our continent,” the bishop said. Sharia must be banned forever worldwide to help childs, girls, women, christians and democratic countries!

    • Tawana Winfree MOORINGSPORT, LA
      • 12 months ago

      I feel that we shouldn,t go to war with someone because we are following a rebels motives that we do not understand

    • dwayne rhoades FARIBANKS, AK
      • 12 months ago

      america should know the truth about what is going on in their home. for without the truth all we have are america's lies, and rumors

    • Michelle Saki LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Stop assisting rebels against innocent Syrian civilians!

    • Raul Mercado NORTH HALEDON, NJ
      • about 1 year ago


      We have no business fighting a war that is designed to fill the pockets of military contractors while we turn a blind eye to the atrocities plaguing our country. To list a few...poor medical and employment support and opportunities for veterans and their families; a failing educational system that is closer to third world standards; loss of the American Dream (home ownership) because our government catered to yet another special interest at the expense of the majority of our citizens; lack of support to the small business community which employs the majority of our citizens, while our government supports large corporations that continue to lay off tens of thousands of workers while their corporate coffers are stacked higher than ever.

      Enough already. I voted for you because I was promised hope and change. Instead, your leadership seems to be heading back the scary war mongering years of the Reagan and Bush eras.

      Stop supporting the special interest groups that have historically sucked dry our pecious human, financial and natural resources.

      Keep HOPE alive for your own people...those who have made the United States their home.


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