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Support gun-control reform

    1. Skip Anderson
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      Skip Anderson

      Franklin, TN

Guns kill 25 people in America every single day. Ask President Obama and Congress to support gun-control measures that will make our country more safe while protecting American's Second Amendment rights; reasonable changes such as greater accountability upon owners, outlawing oversized magazines, mandating more durable serial numbers, enforcing extended waiting limits, reimplementing Clinton's limitations on assault weapons, and instilling severe penalties for mishandling of guns (including losing track of one). Each of these measures are reasonable, none infringe upon American's Second Amendment rights to bear arms, and the NRA opposes each and every one of them.

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    • james m nordlund FARGO, ND
      • about 2 years ago

      Or, at least, large mag control, instead. reality

    • Maneesh Pangasa YUMA, AZ
      • about 2 years ago

      Opponents of gun control legislation always say after a mass murder now's not the time to talk about it now's a time for grieving only. They want us to forget about doing anything to prevent future killings and forget the shooting even happened and move on -- until the next shooting happens and they say the same thing again. Despite the NRA saying gun owners have unlimited rights what about non gun owner's rights to be free of gun violence. Those of us who don't want to own a gun and rightly believe guns are or can be dangerous. In any case an assault rifle ban should be implemented and gun owners required to reload their clip after 10 or 20 shots -- making it easier to stop a mass murderer from killing more people by forcing them to reload before they can finish shooting.


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