STOP the name change of 'The 30th Street Station' in Philadelphia, P.A.
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STOP the name change of 'The 30th Street Station' in Philadelphia, P.A.

    1. Mike Miskiel
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      Mike Miskiel

      Philadelphia, PA

Please visit this article and view the poll.

Whether having visited or lived in Philadelphia for a day or one's whole life, we have always known and referred to the most frequented train station, in Philadelphia, P.A., as 'The 30th Street Station'.

Although it may seem simple, it's name certainly holds ginormous value--whether in regards to the ease of finding the station's location, or to the fondest memories it holds from childhood to adulthood. There would simply be too many for one resident to name in this petition. 

It is simple to sign a piece of paper to pass a bill from Washington, D.C., not knowing the value the name actually holds to our people--our city. Without us people, there would simply be no tradition, no worth, no love, for the city of Philadelphia.

My brother is a resident of Washington, D.C., a city where I have frequented 'The Union Station', and it, along with the city, holds very valuable and beautiful history. What if Philadelphia, P.A. was in the position to change the name of 'The Union Station' to 'The Elizabeth Dole Union Station’? For those who do not know who Elizabeth Dole is, she was the Secretary of Transportation who granted a $70 million dollar fund for restoration of the modern station, as we know it today. My point however, is that confusion and dissatisfaction would ensue among the people of Washington, D.C.

There is absolutely no denying what our Philadelphia brother William H. Gray, III, has done for us. Instead of changing the name to one of the most important pieces of history of 'The City of Brotherly Love', perhaps we can negotiate. A monument outside or inside 'The 30th Street Station', with a detailed history engraved in a plaque, in honor of William H. Gray III, would hold more value to our people's knowledge of history as opposed to changing the name to the entire station as 'The William H. Gray III 30th Street Station'. 

I say we do not go back and change history, but rather go forward into the future and create history. Should you take this into consideration, We the People of Philadelphia will also begin a fundraiser to support the finances of building this proposed new monument, if necessary. 

I say please ask the people what they decide, and take it from there.

We appreciate your time and consideration in this matter.


Respectfully Yours,

We the People of Philadelphia

U.S. Senate
President Barack Obama
Please, We the People of Philadelphia, P.A., want to STOP the name change of 'The 30th Street Station'.

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    2. Only 54 supporters away from 1000 !

      Mike Miskiel
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you all for the continuous support! If everyone could continue to share to at least one more person, we will be well above and beyond our goal. One thousand+ individuals with a unique story and passion to protect history is a truly remarkable feat. Hopefully President Obama will see this petition and realize how important it is to We the People of Philadelphia! Write to your President to be heard!

    3. Letter to President Obama

      Mike Miskiel
      Petition Organizer

      From signatures of 800 people to news articles being published of this petition, I have written a letter to President Obama, respectfully asking that he consider stopping the name change of The 30th Street Station. Time is truly of the essence, so I ask that you all continue your tremendous support and spread the word against the name change! We the People of Philadelphia want our voices to be heard and considered seriously!

      Dear President Obama,

      I hope this e-mail reaches you well.

      My name is Michael Miskiel, and I have been a resident of beautiful and historical Philadelphia for my entire twenty-one years of life, much of which included daily visits to a national monument, The 30th Street Station.

      Our Pennsylvania politicians would like to rename the historic Philadelphia railroad station, "The 30th Street Station", after a former politician who just passed away, William H. Gray III.

      Not to sound cynical, but one politician offering the idea of renaming a national monument after another politician, just does not seem the greatest and most genuine idea, especially since The People of Philadelphia have not been offered a vote. Should a name change occur, it is The People of Philadelphia that will financially support such a thing.

      Not to take anything away from Mr. Gray's legacy, but there are far better options should a renaming occur (which the city does not want to see happen regardless). Mr. Gray simply gained some funds to help rehabilitate the station, but this accomplishment is not significant enough in the eyes of 'Our People' to make this happen.

      Philadelphia has been polled, and over 3000+ people of Philadelphia voted NO. I must ask why our voice should not be considered seriously?

      I have respectfully started a petition against the renaming of the 30th Street Station, and ask that you take a few minutes to go through it. The link can be found here:

      Within the petition are our reasons why we would not like to rename the station, as well as a letter from Bennett Levin, President of the P.A. Railroad Technical and Historical Society, who speaks very highly against the name change. He includes a few historical figures who deserve the 30th Street Station to be named after them, which raises the concern of 'what did Mr. Gray do to beat these other candidates in this race'? Is this truly a sincere and logical offering?

      We the People of Philadelphia respectfully ask that you consider our 800+ signatures, as of August 2nd, 2014, (which are increasing every minute since being started only a few days ago) and STOP the name change of The 30th Street Station. With every signature comes a unique story, passion, and love for The 30th Street Station of Philadelphia, P.A.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Respectfully Yours,
      We the People of Philadelphia

    4. Reached 750 signatures
    5. Bennett Levin speaks up! President of PA Railroad Tech./Hist. Society

      Mike Miskiel
      Petition Organizer

      Bennett Levin, President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society, has written a personal letter addressed to Toomey, Casey, Brady, Fattah, Schuster Fitzpatrick and others, to speak his voice. Please read the following letter found on:

      We the People SINCERELY THANK Mr. Levin for his service and support!


      Dear Senator Toomey

      I have written you about this subject by USPS but have never received an answer so I will now try email.
      My name is Bennett Levin and I have served as President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society as well as the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners. I am a member of the National Railway Historical Society, the Railroad and Locomotive Historical Society, the Lexington Group in Transportation History and a member of the Advisory Board of the Railroad Museum of the State of Pennsylvania. I also served as a member of the Historical Commission of the City of Philadelphia.

      I am the founder and director of the Broad Way Historic Preservation Conservancy which is actively engaged in the restoration and preservation of structures and equipment once owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Finally, I am the founder and the President of the Juniata Terminal Company which has restored and operates a pair of historic PRR locomotives together with several restored railroad cars including the car assigned to the President of the Pennsylvania. This equipment has traveled to every corner of our Commonwealth usually in the service of a charity or charitable endeavor. My wife, son, and I conceived planned and operated the LIBERTY LIMITED a very special train which carried our wounded from Walter Reed and Bethesda to the Army Navy Football Classic in 2005, 2006, and 2010.

      I hope I have established my credentials to comment on the above captioned subject.

      Pennsylvania Station, 30th Street, Philadelphia; as it is captioned on the National Register of Historic Places, is the most significant monumental structure remaining from what was at one time this nation's most significant corporation and transportation enterprise. The building itself and the "West Philadelphia Improvements" which accompanied its construction stands as testimony to vision and leadership that the company itself provided to not only the City of Philadelphia but to the Nation itself.

      I knew Bill Gray. I did business with Bill Gray. I respect Bill Gray. However, Bill Gray has absolutely no connection with the Pennsylvania Railroad, or the neighborhood in which the station stands.

      If there is such an overwhelming need to attach a name to this magnificent edifice then I would respectfully suggest that Congress consider several other Philadelphians who were national leaders and who were directly connected to the Pennsylvania Railroad and who had a far more significant impact on the history of this great nation than the current nominee who you are actively considering for this unique and distinctive memorial. I will mention just four for your consideration.

      1. J. Edgar Thomson; the Penny's first Chief Engineer and Third President. The person who gave the Pennsylvania Railroad its foundation and form. The only railroad executive honored by both Fortune Magazine and Dunn's Review in 1976 as one of the greatest corporate executives and visionaries in their Bi-Centennial review of the American business landscape. He is credited with conceiving the form of the modern American Corporate structure. He left his entire fortune to a foundation, still located in this city, that provides for the children of parents who have been killed will working on railroads.

      2. Thomas Scott; the Pennsy's fourth President; and, by an Act of Congress, appointed Ass't Secretary of War during the Civil War. Scott was in charge of all railroads and transportation lines and is credited with masterfully movement of troops and supplies into the western theatre of war which outflanked the Confederates and brought victory to the Union Armies. He was later the author of the "Scott Plan" which formed the basis for the Compromise of 1877 that brought an end to Reconstruction.

      3. Herman Haupt; who succeeded Thomson as Chief Engineer of the Pennsylvania. During the Civil War he was in charge of Military Railroads in the area of the Army of the Potomac. He was In charge of railroad operations at the battle of Gettysburg and commandeered a train to notify Lincoln that Meade was nor pursuing Lee. His skills as a bridge engineer caused Lincoln to comment, "That man Haupt has built a bridge four hundred feet long and one hundred feet high, across Potomac Creek, on which loaded trains are passing every hour, and upon my word gentlemen, there is nothing more it it than cornstalks and beanpoles".

      4. Finally; General William Wallace Atterbury. He was the PRR president who envisioned and commissioned and during whose tenure Pennsylvania Station, 30th Street, Philadelphia was constructed. Atterbury's greatest contribution to this nation, aside from electrification of the PRR lines north of Washington and east of Harrisburg which enabled the Pennsylvania to handle the enormous amount of traffic entrusted to it during WWII, was his service to the United States and its allies during WW I when he earned the rank of General, being in charge of all Allied railroads of the Western Front in France. He was an honored and recognized international hero being by France with their Legion of Honor, and Britain's Order of the Bath as well as like honors from Belgium. Here is a genuine and recognized International Hero of universal renown with a direct and intimate connection to this building.

      I ask you to pause and consider (with all due respect) the enormous challenges facing this nation this week and ask yourself; Do we really need to spend the time, money and energy to rename this iconic building after another politician? Maybe our fellow citizens would have a higher regard for Congress if serious issues were addressed rather than memorializing another member of Congress with building with which He or she has no connection.

      Bennett Levin

      Thank you, Bennett!

      Bill to Rename 30th Street Station; Bennett Levin's Response

      As reported on Jonathan Tamari, Inquirer Washington BureauPOSTED: July 29, 2014WASHINGTON - Philadelphia's 30th Street Station is on its way to getting a new name.The city's rail hub would be renamed William H. Gray III 30th Street Station under a bill that passed the House on Monday in a voice vote.

    6. Reached 250 signatures
    7. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT! Let's keep it going!

      Mike Miskiel
      Petition Organizer

      To All,

      First and foremost, thank you all for your support and your voice. We the People of Philadelphia live in this amazing city because of the beauty and history behind it--which for most of us starts at The 30th Street Station.

      Since trying to promote this petition under the article (considering there was an overwhelming body of supporters against it), the website has disabled and deleted my comments for unknown reasons. It is now up US to help spread the word on our own!

      If you wouldn't mind sharing this petition to at least one other person who you feel wants their voice to be heard, we will be that much closer. The last time I saw the polls on the article, there was over 2400+ people who voted against the name in merely 24 hours. Let this grow and LET US BE HEARD!

      Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

      Respectfully Yours,
      Mike Miskiel

    8. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Andrew Chandler MARTINEZ, GA
      • 6 days ago

      Have read and known about this landmark since I was a youngster and got to visit it once as adult. It was very meaningful to me. This name has NATIONAL meaning. I am 61.

    • Deborah Nemecek WEST CHESTER, PA
      • about 1 month ago

      This station's location name has value and having learned that Mr. Gray had no connection to the railroad history convinces me that the name should not be changed. thank you.

    • Elizabeth Carrozza AMBLER, PA
      • about 1 month ago

      It really bothers me that historical places are not protected. Jefferson Medical was just changed to Kimmel because of a very large donation made by Mr. Kimmel who claims that his heart has always been with Philadelphia and Jefferson. Then why did you replace history with your name? Now Jefferson Medical has paid 4 million to Septa to rename Market East Jefferson and 30th street to change to Grey. People can easily identify where 30th st station is becasue this is the exact location. It makes sense. Why not honor people by creating small gardens or something beneficial to the city that makes sense. Stop stealing our city's history!

    • Brian Joyce WEST DEPTFORD, NJ
      • about 1 month ago

      I worked on the RailRoad from 1960to 2002 my last 20 years were at 30th St. Station .my almost 43years on the rails I would pass this land Mark .people from all over the U.S.A ONLY have known this beautiful station as 30th St. Station.

    • beatrice mendetz APT. 1413, PA
      • about 1 month ago

      Baaad idea. Man did have some sleazy accusations. Leave name alone and stop fixing what ain't broke!!!!


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