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Make social welfare crowd-funding tax deductible.

    1. Raymond Wallman
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      Raymond Wallman

      Ronkonkoma, NY

Within the past few years internet based crowd-funding has emerged as a radical new platform for raising capital. Websites built on the model established by Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have helped people raise funds for more than just creative endeavors. Sites like YouCareing, GiveForward, and smartn.me have assisted people raise money to help pay for healthcare and educational expenses. This network based alternative has shown itself to be preferable alternative to previous public and private means of paying for these expenses, as it cuts down on overhead, and creates an interpersonal relationship between payee and recipient.

Over the past few decades the cost of living has quickly outpaced personal incomes. Millions of people around the country struggle to afford the rising costs of healthcare, housing, and education. To better promote the general welfare, I believe it would be beneficial for the local, state, and federal government to incentivize this form of giving. That is why I propose that crowd-funding for the purpose of healthcare, education, or any other public good, should be tax deductible.

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