Fire Anti-Marijuana DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart!
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Fire Anti-Marijuana DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart!

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      Marijuana Policy Project

In a recent speech, DEA administrator Michele Leonhart criticized President Barack Obama for his acknowledgement that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol in terms of its impact on the consumer. Yet there is an abundance of research demonstrating that marijuana is in fact less harmful than alcohol. 

Leonhart has consistently demonstrated a reckless disregard of such scientific evidence. Under her watch, the DEA has obstructed attempts to remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act — a classification reserved for the most dangerous drugs — and at a 2012 House committee hearing, she refused to answer a congressman’s simple question about whether heroin and crack cocaine pose more harm to the consumer than marijuana.

Shortly after taking office, President Obama mandated, “Science and the scientific process must inform and guide decisions of [his] Administration …” Whether Leonhart is ignorant of the facts or intentionally disregarding them, she has fundamentally undermined the president’s directive and is clearly unfit for her current position. 

We call on President Obama to immediately terminate DEA Administrator Leonhart and replace her with someone who recognizes the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.

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      • 2 days ago

      Cannabuis is a harmless recreational plant with astonishing medical benefits only now becoming apparent. It is even a cure for cancer, so bound to have opponents such as pharmaceutical companies. This disapproving bitch needs to relax a bit ans stop thinking she can control what other adults do.

    • Dennis Lyons BOCA RATON, FL
      • 3 days ago

      I am signing this petition because I believe that this woman is completely out if touch with reality. And I also think from reading some of the things that she has said makes me think that she has no business having anything to do with telling me what I can and cant do. I dont use marijuana but I did when I was young and there is no reason that it shouldnt be legal!! It isnt really like its illegal now cuz I bet within ten minutes I could find a bag of pot. People like this woman are a sad sick group of people!! For instance what kind of person would be so gung ho to put people in jail. I think this woman should have some kind of criminal charges brought up against her.. for what Im not sure but probably charges of wasting government money!!! I feel the moniker PIG is right up her alley!!!! Good Luck on your suit. If you need people to demonstrate in South Fla. Im your man!!

    • Kathleen Dowdy INTERLACHEN, FL
      • 3 days ago

      because her unlawful action has cause me and several others to live is pain.

    • Joel Martin INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • 4 days ago

      The DEA is completely out of control and needs to be reigned in. It regularly illegally abuses civil liberties with complete impunity. Its policies and attitudes need to change on an institutional level, and Leonhart stands in the way of such change. Her comments and actions border on insubordination, and she has stifled any attempt to reclassify marijuana as something other than a schedule I narcotic. Furthermore, under her leadership, the DEA has been actively impersonating citizens on facebook, recklessly abusing their rights and placing their lives in real danger. I consider it an utter failure of leadership that she remains at her post.

    • peter gallagher ATTICA, OH
      • 5 days ago

      she needs to go, to important of a job for someone unwilling to learn or admit you are wrong


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