Abolish the Death Penalty
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Abolish the Death Penalty

    1. Megan De
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      Megan De

      Buffalo, NY

*From 1973 to 2011 at least 11% of inmates executed were later found to be innocent
*At least 75% lived in foster care or were homeless as children or teens
*Over 85% were abused as children
*Many have mental retardation
*Many are mentally ill
*Less than 40% have DNA evidence used in their trial or post trial
*99% come from poverty
*99% could not afford their own lawyer, and were given horrible lawyers
*Trials are botched with: snitch testimony (prisoners lying for lighter sentences), false testimony, prejudice, lack of DNA evidence, a hurried trial, and more
*At least 50% of jury members decide on the punishment at the beginning of the trial
*The death penalty costs an enormous amount more of tax dollars than life in prison
*It does not bring closure.

*A death penalty trial in Kansas costs 16x's more than a life imprisonment trial. The death penalty is extremely expensive, far more than life imprisonment in any state.

*If California abolished the death penalty, annual prison costs would go from $139 million to $11.5 million!





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    • Mary Bagnaschi TORRINGTON, CT
      • almost 2 years ago

      Most of the people incarcerated are wrongfully prosecuted and jailed! We The People are NOT free meal tickets for the Public Service employee unions and the Democrats 'middle class' job security!!!!

    • Scott Davis EDGMONT, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Error on my comment below: In the USA, Government has banned "cruel and unusual punishment" for the past TWO hundred and twenty one years. The typo says 121. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused (and yes, these may have been the last words of a remorseful condemned man).

    • Scott Davis EDGMONT, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      President Barack Obama CANNOT, on his own,

      abolish the death penalty. Congress can pass legislation to

      accomplish this; and the President can sign it - or the

      Supreme Court can declare it unconstitutional,

      after the President appoints Justices who

      believe that this would be the right thing to do -

      and Congress will have to confirm such appointments.


      The only thing the President can do to directly act

      to abolish the death penalty, is to grant pardons

      and reprieves in individual cases - and this, the

      sitting President has done less than any former

      President, despite the fact that there are a greater

      number of cases than ever before which merit

      Executive clemency and emergency assistance

      to grant justice to victims of injustice in America.

      This is in the context of US Justice Department

      incompetence, which I will describe further on.


      Here is one more aspect of this issue to consider:

      No Government in the world can really abolish the

      death penalty. They can abolish the legal option

      of lawful capital punishment, but they cannot stop

      criminals or fanatics from enforcing and

      carrying out the death penalty if such people

      really want to do it - and abolishing statutory

      capital punishment will immediately

      create a situation in which criminals

      have a monopoly on enforcing and

      executing capital punishment. This is

      what is called the "unintended consequences"

      effect of reform legislation, and it must be

      taken into account.


      That being said, there are two other steps

      which can be taken. One of these steps is this:

      1) Government can use the power of computers to

      wage war against criminal gangs, gangsters

      and fanatics who are willing to execute people

      to achieve power or wealth, just as was done and

      is still being done in the War on Terror.


      The other step is this:

      2) Many Government punishments are so harsh,

      so emotionally rending, or so financially overbearing

      that even though the actual sentence is

      not capital punishment in statutory or verdict form,

      the way in which a lesser sentence or pre-sentence

      action is carried out, often results in the

      wrongful death or slow death of a suspect, prisoner,

      or loved one - and often, the person who is put to

      death or tortured as a result of these harsh and

      cruel and unusual punishments is totally innocent,

      and the Government apparatchik who inflicts these

      cruel and unusual punishments then just walks away,

      whistles, and slaps the opposing attorney on the

      back like an old chum - and heads to the next

      coffee break. This - in a country where the

      Constitution has BANNED cruel and unusual

      punishment for the past 121 years. If we would

      have always insisted that Government officials

      ALWAYS respect the Constitution, live by it, and act

      according to its strict provisions, over half of

      the de facto executions carried out by such

      callous people - from prison suicides to other

      personal destructions - would never have

      taken place.


      Laws against capital punishment should not

      put the cart before the horse in protecting

      greater offenders from greater punishments,

      while leaving the lesser or petty offender (or the

      innocent person!) caught up in the system, defenseless!

      We need strong Federal laws to ensure that

      no one dies or is forced to endure a deadly, tortuous

      series of actions by Government, as a result of

      petty misdemeanor charges which could

      reasonably have been dismissed

      without harm to society or the fabric of law.


      We need strict Federal laws to ensure that

      NO ONE in the United States is place in risk

      of bodily or grave emotional harm as the result of

      carelessly degrading or defamatory treatment at

      the hands of State officials or judges.

      It happened shockingly to me - in a way that is so

      far outside the Constitution as to be ridiculous,

      as Government officials one after the other

      lied and covered up to create a phony case

      against an innocent man, and alleged that there

      was a "victim" where there was not, while ignoring

      the REAL victimization of their repeated violations

      of law - my family and loved ones and associates-

      and so far I have survived their blandishments.

      However, society has paid a terrible price for the

      injustices inflicted upon me.

      Furthermore, other people greatly suffered as the

      result of the malicious and needless prosecution

      against me - at least two people became

      gravely ill as a result of my unjust incarceration,

      and TWO people may have DIED

      from the same result - one of them, a child in

      another State.

      It makes no sense for callous Government

      hack prosecutors to push people

      to the brink of death over a totally phony case,

      just as it makes no sense for State and local officials

      to cook up personally ruinous punishments

      in trumped-up cases which should never have been

      the context of any punishment or even any arrest -

      and many people across the United States have been

      the unfortunate recipients of such harsh treatment.


      Don Siegelman's predicament is just one such example;

      perhaps the most prominent, and a nightmare -

      but by no means the worst such case!

      The Federal government, instead of doing

      what is right, has AFFIRMED the needless and

      unjustified personal destruction of innocent people

      in the case of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman,

      in my context, and in other cases, repeatedly -

      due to the tenacious prosecutorial culture of corruption

      in the US Justice Department.


      The US Office of Pardons, which seems to have an

      uncontrollable and gleeful mania for

      blocking pardons left and right,

      is a fraud and should be investigated by

      international human rights organizations.

      President Obama should offer his full co-operation

      in all such investigations, immediately, even

      before they begin, as a pre-emptive way to

      protect the good name of the United States,

      and President Obama must do more - must

      act immediately on the 52-part Pardon and

      Reprieve. Congress should and must take the

      lead in this initiative if the President will not - and

      some brave and forward-thinking Senators

      already have. They deserve the love and

      thanks of all fellow Americans.


      It would make perfect sense for the Federal government

      to live up to the Constitutional guarantee of Article Four,

      Section Four, and to GUARANTEE TO ALL STATES

      the Constitutional protections which many States

      in the USA are now deprived of due to widespread

      State and local corruption (which also manages to

      enable itself by pulling strings within the US Justice

      Department, and providing misleading information

      to it and to others) - and at the top of the list is

      Pennsylvania, with its prosecutorial-brute,

      environmental asphyxiator, and maligner of a

      grandstanding, defaming, kingpin Governor - a

      Governor who caused the death of at least one

      revered educator (Coach Joe Paterno)

      in a pathetic attempt to cover his own sorry hide, and

      then made use of his long-time US Justice

      Department connections to whitewash the

      entire sordid deal, and used millions of State

      taxpayer dollars to carry out this hoax.


      Almost everyone in Washington seems

      more interested in going by a rulebook of

      standard-operating-procedure buck-passing,

      than they are in making any great effort to

      preserve, protect and defend the

      Constitution of the United States.


      Call your favorite members of

      Congress today to demand that the

      death penalty be abolished in the way I have

      suggested here - because Congress

      CAN do that; and should do it immediately,

      if they are doing their job right.

      One way Congress - and you - can bring

      about liberty and justice for all in America

      is to support the FIST Prosecutor petition

      and join the groups, founded on July 31, 2012.


      Scott Davis, November 29, 2012

      PO Box 877

      Edgmont, PA 19028-0877 USA

    • Janice Booth MEMPHIS, TN
      • almost 2 years ago

      The death penalty is barbaric. Reminiscent of tribal human sacrifice. Does not good. Not a deterrent. Innocent people are killed in a horrific way. It can't be put right if a mistake is made. Barbaric, backward, and unworthy of a great nation.

    • Evelin Moran LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      its just wrong. why would we kill people for killing other people and say its wrong? its so hypocritical. and it violates our bill of rights under "cruel and unusual punishment".


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