Preserve Malibu's Community Soul!
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Preserve Malibu's Community Soul!

    1. Preserve the Soul of Malibu Today
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      Preserve the Soul of Malibu Today

      Malibu, CA

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”                      Margaret Mead 


Dear Neighbors and Friends Of Malibu,

We are at a pivotal crossroads in Malibu regarding commercial development in our city.  The direction development is heading is radically changing the very character, feel and lifestyle of our entire city.  Retail leases are turning Malibu into a clone of ritzy “Beverly Hills” malls, far removed from the essential nature of our low key, inviting beach community that welcomes citizens and people from over the world.  Recent example is our citizen's battle to stop our beautiful, quaint Trancas Nursery from eviction by their new upscale landlords.

With over 700,000 square feet new development about to be built and hundreds of thousands more available and being fervently pursued by developers, this effort is a crucial priority.  We have a rare and fleeting opportunity as a community to come together to ensure that Malibu’s General Plan and Mission Statement is enforced in accord with our City’s planning.

The City of Malibu’s General Plan in part reads:  “Malibu is a unique land and marine environment and residential community whose citizen's have historically evidenced a commitment to sacrifice urban and suburban conveniences in order to protect that environment and lifestyle, and to preserve unaltered natural resources and rural characteristics."  "Malibu will maintain its rural character by establishing programs and policies that avoid suburbanization and commercialization of its natural and cultural resources.”  (complete General Plan Vision and Mission Statement

We are committed to preserving the natural, rustic beauty and lifestyle of Malibu for generations to come.  Our immediate goal as Malibu citizens regarding our retail centers is to request that our city enact these tools immediately including: 

1.  Malibu's Formula Ordinance at no more than 30% chains allowed per center in the Civic Center
2.  every commercial development is consistent with the Malibu General Plan and zoning codes,
3.   the city close existing loopholes in zoning codes and tighten permits,
4.  our city strictly and vigorously upholds the character of Malibu's rural environment,
5.   planning is implemented that protects and encourages small retail businesses that citizens considered vital to this city,

Our city must implement a solid commercial plan for a livable future that embraces the soul of Malibu based on our General Plan and the vision of this community.

Please speak out now to preserve the Malibu that we all cherish before it's forever lost and sign this petition!

Please pass this petition along to friends and also Facebook, personal message left here will be hand delivered to Malibu City Hall.   Thank you!

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      Preserve the Soul of Malibu Today
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Friends and Neighbors,
      Malibu neighbors joined together in 2011 to stand together to preserve our beautiful and fragile city and to protect our small business base. We worked hard for 3. 5 years, while our city politicians purposefully stalled and manipulated our efforts. They finally begrudgingly passed a very limited and weak Formula Ordinance for the Civic Center a few weeks ago, over 3 years later. One that they can now cancel at any moment they choose.

      The wonderful news is that our efforts were joined by many more Malibu residents, including Rob and Michele Reiner, who have helped bring to Malibu 'Measure R - You Malibu, Your Decision". This initiative was created by Malibu residents to protect the city that we love. It was approved by the top law firm in the state for ballot initiatives. No commercial developers, no big business, no politicians, no profits to be gained and no ulterior motives. Ethical, smart, and brilliant for Malibu!
      Come to to get all of your questions answered.

      Preserve Malibu Coalition of Neighbors is thrilled with Measure R! And of course, as expected, the developers hand-in-hand with the same politicians are fighting it, and sending blatant distortions to the public to try to frighten you off. Please don't be frightened and believe ridiculous scare tactics. Malibu can't afford it, this is our city's last chance to be preserved, before new sewers shortly arrive and over 1,500,000' of new large, commercial development can get approved.

      Politicians and developers are panicked that the residents of Malibu, those of us that love our home, will take the power away from them to lead Malibu into the future. We must and we will protect Malibu!

      Please stay in touch with us on Facebook! Malibu needs you to know the truth!

      Please Preserve Malibu With Us, Together We Can and We Are!
      YES on MEASURE R! We're almost there, friends!

      The next generations of Malibu lovers are depending on us . . .

      YES on R, The Your Malibu, Your Decision Act.

      Measure R, the Your Malibu, Your Decision Act, empowers Malibu voters to decide whether to approve or reject large development projects that could forever change the character of Malibu. Under Measure R, developers wishing to build a commercial development that is 20,000 square feet or larger must have their proposal submitted to the voters for a yes or no vote.

    2. 700 signatures and growing!

      Preserve the Soul of Malibu Today
      Petition Organizer

      We've taken to the citizens of Malibu this week and our petition is growing daily! We'll keep updating - thank you all for the support to save the rural nature of our City!

    3. Let's bring 1000 Malibu-lovers to our petition!

      Preserve the Soul of Malibu Today
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for helping preserve our incredible town of Malibu! We appreciate every signature and heartfelt message you've left for our City Council. We need your help to expand our names to make a true impact -please send our link to your friends!

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    Reasons for signing

    • missy zeitsoff MALIBU, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Protect our small business! Stop commercial development!

    • Lance Anderson MALIBU, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      We need a "real lumber yard" in Malibu!!

    • Marcia Hanscom PLAYA DEL REY, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Save it, don't pave it! And preserve the unique character ~ especially PC Greens. Do not be fooled by promises of bringing more "convenience" ~ the night sky and the quiet, beautiful dark mountain ridges are worth the lack of "conveniences" like Whole Foods, Target, Trader Joe's and other establishments that will be used to lure the City Councilmembers to think that more commercial development is needed. Anyone notice the "for lease" signs all along PCH in commercial areas? Fill those up FIRST -- no more asphalt needed!

      • over 3 years ago

      Hi Malibu Lovers, we've just starting taking our petition out to Malibu and already are heading towards 700 signatures and rapidly growing. Anytime we get out in public people are signing in droves!! So please keep up the passion! If you want to contact us to help: THANK YOU!

    • Sheri Perry MALIBU, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I've been living in Malibu for 51 years and have watched the ambiance change greatly. Some for the better others not so good. We are losing our rural atmosphere and we need to keep it. Too many mega mansions, very little horse property, houses popping up like flowers...slow it down please, we must slow it down. Thanks


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