Pratt Institute: Keep November 6th as a holiday so we can vote
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Pratt Institute: Keep November 6th as a holiday so we can vote

    1. Martha Sorren
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      Martha Sorren

      Brooklyn, NY

November 2012


Pratt Institute has restored the originally promised school holiday for November 6th. Though Pratt's president, Thomas Schutte, did not acknowledge the petition in his email, I think it's safe to believe that it was because of this effort that Pratt even decided to look into alternatives to having class that day. The full email students were sent is viewable below. Thanks very much to everyone's efforts in making this change a possibility. Best, Martha Sorren "Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff: The mid-term break has been restored and there will be no classes held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Earlier this week, you were notified that the decision had been made to hold classes on Tuesday, November 6, on the Brooklyn campus due to class cancellations caused by the hurricane. Based on new information from the New York State Education Department (NYSED), the Senior Staff and I unanimously decided to restore the 'Mid-Term Break' originally scheduled for Tuesday and classes will not be held in order for students and faculty to participate more easily and more fully in the election process. The administration’s decision in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to hold classes on November 6 was based on the need for Pratt to comply with federal, state, and accreditation requirements regarding the amount of time students must spend in class to earn the course credits. The intent was to minimize the addition of make-up days at the end of the semester and the inconvenience to students and faculty who have made travel plans. Since then, NYSED has notified us that institutions that have experienced a temporary closure as a result of a disaster can apply for approval to fulfill their requirements even if the in-class time is lower than usual. This makes it possible for Pratt to seek a number of options that do not involve the extension of the semester. We will begin to explore various options in the coming week seeking input from the community and communicating with NYSED as to their viability. We will continue to inform you of developments. The Pratt Manhattan Center remains closed until further notice. Thomas F. Schutte, President"

UPDATE: Pratt's president, Thomas Schutte, has announced that Pratt will  now NOT have classes on November 6th, as originally planned. We're very excited about the victory.


Pratt originally promised us November 6th off so we could go out and vote. Due to the cancellation of clases because of Hurricane Sandy, class has been rescheduled for the holiday.

Now, with no time to apply for absentee ballots, students who were going to vote locally in NY or go home to the surrounding states will be unable to vote.

This election has more direct effect on our students than ever before. Denying them the time and opportunity to vote that you originally promised is unacceptable.

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    • Maura Weise MADISON, AL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I think there is an extension to get absentee ballots in the state of NY - but the college must do everything in its power to support and help these young people vote.

    • Gabriel Morgan BRONX, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Considering the way politics have attacked schools and teachers over budgeting, it's insane not to let students vote for their educations.

    • Sophie Frost BROOKLYN, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is the first Presidential election my class has ever gotten to participate in, but we also go to a school where people are in class sometimes 9 hours a day. We want to be good students, but what is the point of working hard in school if you are forced to choose between that and doing your civil duty and choosing who leads your country?

    • mary kudlak BROOKLYN, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      A natural disaster is not a "vacation"

    • Mortier Benoit BRUXELLES, BELGIUM
      • almost 2 years ago

      Voting is basic right iin democracy, student should not be barred from it


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