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Post-Election Clean Up: Campaigns Responsible for Removal of All Flyers, Signs, Etc.
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Post-Election Clean Up: Campaigns Responsible for Removal of All Flyers, Signs, Etc.

    1. Nick Ingram
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      Nick Ingram

      Philadelphia, PA

The debris related to elections adds to the litter problem across the country.

As citizens, we are obligated to comply with local laws for the disposal of our garbage and recycling.  In fact, we may be fined if we put our trash out in advance of the designated time.

Individual businesses are legally responsible for their waste disposal regardless of the expense.

Why aren’t the individuals running for public office held accountable for the waste generated by their campaigns? 

I believe there should be a grace period of 10 days after elections for the campaigns to remove all advertisements. If they are not removed in that period, candidates will be fined for each sign and flyer that remains posted.

Elections are a central part of our democracy, and those who seek office need to lead by example in the fight to eliminate waste and keep our neighborhoods green.

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    • Bill Frey NEW YORK
      • almost 2 years ago

      I totally agree ... individuals and campaigns have to take responsibility for their signage

    • Stephen Yale PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It's their responsibility:

      Put 'em up take 'em down, do your duty for our hometown!


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