Stop using styrofoam cups and switch to a more eco-friendly solution.
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Stop using styrofoam cups and switch to a more eco-friendly solution.

    1. Carlos Ravelo
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      Carlos Ravelo

      Stamford, United States

Let me start by saying that I love Popeyes, there isn't one near my house and I go the distance just to get it because its delicious. But they are using Styrofoam cups when you buy a fountain drink.

Each year countless animals die from ingesting plastics of all types including Styrofoam. It takes Styrofoam 50+ years to breakdown and the particles that end up in our environment are filled with toxic chemicals.

Most community recycling centers will not accept Styrofoam in their recycling program, especially if the Styrofoam contained any kind of food or beverage item. That means that virtually every Styrofoam cup ends up in our landfills, neighborhoods, rivers, streams and oceans.

Because Styrofoam breaks apart into smaller pieces easily, many of these pieces end up being ingested by birds, mammals and marine life with devastating consequences.

Please help me send a message to Popeyes that they need to do the right thing for all of us and for the environment and stop using Styrofoam.

Here is more on why we should avoid Styrofoam:

Polystyrene foam is often dumped into the environment as litter. This material is notorious for breaking up into pieces that choke animals and clog their digestive systems.

Many cities and counties have outlawed polystyrene foam (i.e. Taiwan, Portland, OR, and Orange County, CA).

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    • Edgardo Vila JOHNSON CITY, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      Styrofoam releases harmful gasses in it's creation process. It's not recyclable in most areas and it's not biodegradable which means it will not decompose. It's extremely dangerous. Plastic is a better alternative at least it's recyclable.


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