Politicians should be the cream of the crop of humanity.  Here is how to make that true.
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Politicians should be the cream of the crop of humanity. Here is how to make that true.

    1. Behtaj Amiri
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      Behtaj Amiri

      Beverly Hills, CA

The word "Politician" should be synonymous to "Noble, Honest, Hero, Selfless, Wise, Giver". We need to design a Public Leadership 10-year doctorate degree university program which installs, tests and requires these attributes, and by law we the people should make it a prerequisite before anyone is allowed to run for public office. Just as more than a decade of RELEVANT education & experience is required to be a board certified surgeon. It's immature to think that anyone who has the money, a lawyer or an oil tycoon is suited to be The President of the United States (or any country), Governor, or even Mayor. We spend millions to get voters out to the polls, but it's all a big waste of time & money because the specimens (candidates) we have to choose from are not fit for the job. We've done nothing to make sure they are. Are they "Noble, Honest, Hero, Selfless, Wise, Giver"? If they were wise, they would force themselves to be "Noble, Honest, Hero, Selfless, Wise, Giver". Because we can't take money with us when we die, but the honor improves our sol.e which not only we take with us, but it IS us.


The above ideology is from www.WeFree.us 

www.WeFree.us is improving the world by bringing attention to mistakes we repeat and pass to the next generation which significantly damage humanity.  The world is experiencing the ramifications of these mistakes right now.  The economy, our inability to stop war, traffic that has outgrown the infrastructure, unsatisfactory political leaders, and the increasing rate of divorce are examples

The Art of Thought. 

The TRUTH. It can save humanity. Are we ready to be honest?We need to CHANGE before we kill each other with our GREED and SELFISHNESS.

1 of 4 GREED) Politicians should be the cream of the crop of humanity. If we can train special forces to commit suicide for our country, we can train politicians to be incorruptible. Petition at http://Petition.Behtaj.com/

2 of 4 SELFISHNESS) Man improves in everything it does. Medicine, Technology, Space Travel, Construction, you name it. The only thing we don't improve on is MARRIAGE. Please read my none religious solutions at http://Marriage.Behtaj.com/

3 of 4 GREED) How employees are paid has always been against the law but we ignored it. This is the primary reason for the world's economic problems http://Income.Behtaj.com/

4 of 4 GOOD) Help humanitarian organizations survive this economic storm before we lose them. See business plan at http://www.PTAfunding.com/ Those who help 7 organizations use this plan can retire from the financial benefits.

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