Police Misconduct:  Must Be A Presidential Debate Topic
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Commission on Presidential Debates 2012
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John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
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Obama for America 2012
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Romney for President
Bob White, Chairman
Democratic National Committee
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairwoman

Police Misconduct: Must Be A Presidential Debate Topic

    1. Justice Wanted
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      Justice Wanted

      All Across America and Worldwide, AP

The incidences (and even one is too many) of police misconduct including battery, and murder against mostly African-American and Latino men is a constant in communities across America whereas police officers and police departments are rarely charged, and convicted for their deadly acts. The supporters of this petition content that if the practice of police misconduct is not immediately and seriously recognized, and remedied, that an internal disregard for participating in local, state, and national elections will not be considered by them as a viable avenue to address their outrage. Thus, the petitioners strongly urge that the issue of police misconduct be center-stage at an upcoming presidential debate during this current presidential election 2012.

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