PM David Cameron (@David_Cameron): Keep your promise to our military & let my husband have his pension
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PM David Cameron (@David_Cameron): Keep your promise to our military & let my husband have his pension

    1. Jolene Anderson
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      Jolene Anderson

      catterick garrison, United Kingdom

November 2013


My husband will receive his full pension. The Times and The Daily Mail have reported the story.

After months of worry it is a huge relief to hear for sure my husband will receive his pension.

I'm so grateful to the 100,000 people who supported us. I know there are other army families facing redundancy and lost pensions, many of who are unable to speak out. I hope the public will continue to support them and the MoD takes this opportunity to resolve their situations too.

On 13 June this year, my husband, Sergeant Michael Anderson, was told he is to be made redundant just three days before qualifying for his military pension. This means Michael will lose almost half of his promised pension. 

Michael has been a soldier from the age of 16. He was serving in Northern Ireland at 18, and at 19 was posted to Bosnia followed by a tour in Iraq in 2004. He is now a Welfare Officer and has had the difficult task of supporting families of soldiers killed in action and the severely physically and mentally injured.

Our family, like all service families, accept and have dealt with the highs and lows of army life. We have been honoured to be part of the army family and would very much like to continue to be part of it. Our second child was born when Michael was serving in Iraq. The proudest moment for me was handing Michael his newborn son when he came home. As you can imagine, a very difficult yet joyful time for us both. 

Having put duty before family on so many occasions, I cannot now see why the loyalty and commitment we have shown is not being reciprocated by this Government.

When Michael was informed of his redundancy I felt like my heart had been ripped out, more for Michael than me. Everything he knew and had worked for from the age of 16 taken away. We had planned on using the pension to secure a mortgage when we left army accommodation and to support our young family while Michael established a new career on civvy street. After a life of service for our country our family's financial security has now been cruelly snatched away from us.

The military pension is the key financial promise on which service personnel are recruited, retained and promoted. Calling it a "pension" is really not correct, it is more akin to a resettlement payment. It exists to assist service personnel transit with dignity to civilian life and is a promise around which all army families plan their financial futures.

David Cameron has made commitments to men like my husband as part of the Military Covenant. He said "that those willing to lay down their lives for the country have a right to expect they will be dealt with properly." But the treatment of my husband, and others in similar situations show the promises the Government made to our military are being forgotten. 

Redundancies sometimes need to be made but I believe soldiers who are a few months, or in Michael's case, days from achieving their pension should be given redundancy payouts that reflect such dramatic pension losses, pensions they have always been led to expect and rely on when leaving the services.

Please sign the petition below and help get a fair outcome for Michael and my family. Help safeguard the Military Pension for all soldiers today and those signing up tomorrow.

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      • 11 months ago

      A mere "Thank you" from the Nation is not enough. These men and women represent all that is good, strong and dependable within the various borders of the UK, the Commonwealth and NATO. They have been asked to defend our Queen and all of us with their lives, if necessary.

      It is a small price Mr Prime Minister, for you who should be the "first" of amongst us to bravely say "thank you" and reward those same men and women with a pay and dignity which befits our Nation. They have more than earned any monetary rewards be it pension or redundancy pay outs, but withholding any such rewards is nothing but petty, derisory and an insult to those who have served us.

      Ministers are not denied pensions nor will you be when your ministerial duties cease, so why then should they??? Parliaments come and go, Parties change as the Voters dictate. What would be the Nation's reply be to an elected Government which treats these very defenders with contempt???

      A question I'm sure you Mr Prime Minister will never want to ask.

      Give them their pensions, give them their dignity. Shame on him who makes them ask.....

      • 11 months ago

      why not

      • 11 months ago

      These men and women are super heros and deserve to have their full pension entitlement

    • brian parkinson BURNLEY, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      lets get rid of this tory muppets once and for all

      • 11 months ago

      You work hard you do the role with an understanding you risk your life and are rewarded with a pension, and then they spit in our face, well time Cameron stopped being such a two faced hypocrite! It STINKS!


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