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Plus Size Retail Brands: Start using fashion models we can relate to!

    1. Monique F.
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      Monique F.

      Los Angeles, CA

As your consumer, it's important that we relate to the images you send out via your advertising. Although, the fashion models you use are beautiful, we'd love to see them curvier as well! We want to see someone who looks like us. We are not all US sizes 12/14. Some of us are 16's, 18's, 20's, 22's, 24's etc...

We'd also like to see a more diverse use of models. Your consumers are not only one race or skin shade. We are a wide range of beautiful cultures, races, and colors!

We don't want to hear the excuses about supposed "findings" or "research." Not only has the plus size fashion industry changed, so have we...your customers. Please start using models we can relate to!


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    • Stacey Romano MONTREAL, CANADA
      • about 3 years ago

      Hi everyone, here is a follow-up... our Women’s Plus Size Fashion national consumer survey is now live! It is easy to reply to and will take only 10 minutes of your time:


      Plus Size Research is conducting this questionnaire on behalf of an established clothing manufacturer who will be launching an exciting new collection for women, this September. Your responses will help us shape final decisions on both marketing and the web site for this new brand.

      Help the representation of plus size change for the better!

    • Cherie Thompson DULWICH HILL, AUSTRALIA
      • about 3 years ago

      Long overdue, fed up being invisible to the fashion industry power brokers espeailly when plus size fashions are selling successfully!

      Well done for organising this ... if I can help in any way here in Sydney, Australia please ask.

    • marion 0351530887 LUCKNOW, AUSTRALIA
      • about 3 years ago

      it would be great if you used realistic models and with different body shapes to relate to us all.

      • about 3 years ago

      As director of Real Women Australia I have made it my mission to empower curvy women of Australia. It is so frustrating to watch labels designed exclusively for plus-size figures continue to mis-represent their garments on models who are not identifiable to anyone with a "real" plus-size figure. PLEASE, we are deserving of great fashion and we want to see it marketed correctly also. Love your shape! Janine x www.realwomen.com.au

    • Colleen Corcoran ROSLINDALE, MA
      • about 3 years ago

      I buy a lot of clothes from on-lines stores and plus-size catalogs. Yet the models used at these retailers are mostly thin, even though they are supposedly modeling clothing in my size (18). The message these companies are giving is clear: we will take your money, but your large body is too repulsive to use to model the clothes you are buying. How insulting, degrading, and disheartening! As if fuller figured women don't get enough negative messages about their bodies as it is. Wake up, clothing retailers, and show some respect!


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