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Please Urge Governor Brown to Allow the Release of Marisol Garcia on Parole

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      California Coalition for Women Prisoners and Justice Now

Marisol Garcia has been incarcerated 18 years on her 15-years-to-life sentence.

Ms. Garcia's story is heart-breaking - she has worked very hard to heal from childhood physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, and terrorization of herself and her children at the hands of her ‘crime partner’.  She accepts responsibility for her crime, expresses remorse for her actions, and has maintained an outstanding disciplinary record for the past 18 years.

This is the second time that the Board has found Ms. Garcia eligible for parole and therefore does not pose a safety risk. The parole decision now goes to Governor Brown.  Please urge the governor to uphold Ms. Garcia's parole.  Thank you.


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    • Joan Jennings MONROE TWP, NJ
      • over 3 years ago

      There is no doubt that Ms Garcia should be released. She has served time and has been proved ready for parole. She is not a threat to society and humanity demands that the parole board's recommendation be quickly enacted.

    • Kim Plater POMONA, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I urge you to support the parole of Marisol Garcia. She has accepted responsibility for her crime and is remorseful. As a retired police officer and Chief of Police I believe that the parole boards recommendation should be supported and that Ms. Garcia will not pose a threat to society. Thank you.

    • Donna Wallach SAN JOSè, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Marisol should be released from prison asap. 18 years is a very long time to spend in prison. If the Board has found her eligible, then please grant her release! There is no need to continue her incarceration, draining much needed resources that are desperately needed by the community.

    • Kathleen Fanske TOWSON, MD
      • over 3 years ago

      I watched the documentary Sin by Silence in my Domestic Abuse class at school and was devastated by the stories that I witnessed. For these women to be in jail is heart wrenching, if anything they should be praised for their bravery and strength to break free from the abusive cycle. Yes, death is wrong, but when a woman such as Marisol has been abused all her life, she is breaking the cycle and protecting not only herself but her children as well. She poses no threat to society just from her one action and should not be punished her whole life for it.

    • Cheryl Grenfell HILLSBOROUGH, NJ
      • over 3 years ago

      Hasn't she paid long enough for her crime? Everyone deserves a second chance...if I was never given one, I would still be a heroin addict, commiting crime and hurting my family. Give her the chance to start her life over and so she can rebuild her relationships with her family.


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