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Prime Minister of Egypt
Ahmed Nazif

Please Urge Egyptian Officials to Stop Cruel Pig Cull

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      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Citing public health concerns, Egyptian authorities have initiated a cull intended to kill hundreds of thousands of pigs. However, instead of being killed in accordance with more widely accepted methods of slaughter, pigs are being struck with iron bars, kicked, buried alive, and even doused with chemicals and burned alive. Graphic footage of the pig slaughter has enraged compassionate viewers worldwide.

Please contact Ahmed Nazif, prime minister of Egypt, and Amin Abaza, minister of Agriculture, and ask them to place a moratorium on the pig cull until guidelines can be put in place to ensure that pigs are dispatched as humanely as possible. Remind them that pigs are sentient beings who experience pain and fear and that the killing methods that are being employed fail to meet any humane standards set forth by international experts.

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