Please Tell the Senate to Reform Hardship Waivers
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Please Tell the Senate to Reform Hardship Waivers

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When U.S. citizens sponsor their husbands and wives for immigration, too many become trapped in the unthinking and counterproductive web of administrative violations that separate them from each other and their children or from America.

For far too many minor violations, the immigration system's only response is long-term or even permanent bars against admission to the United States. Sanctions on immigration violations have a purpose and a place. When the damage they do to families of U.S. citizens and our national interest in their well being is far greater than the damage done by the violation, we have turned the purpose of immigration law on its head. The right of U.S. citizens to marry whom we please, to form families and build a future for our children is far more important than incomprehensible immigration forms, administrative violations, paperwork errors, and minor offenses.

Please sign on the the letter below to ask your Senator to fix this problem.  Organizations interested in joining with American Families United in a separate organizational sign-on letter can do so at

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