Please Stop Delivery of Unwanted Phonebooks in Oregon
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Please Stop Delivery of Unwanted Phonebooks in Oregon

    1. Albert Kaufman
    2. Petition by

      Albert Kaufman

      Portland, OR

Every year 8.3 million phonebooks are delivered to Oregon's 3.1 million residents, whether we want one or not. They clutter our entryways, litter the street, and find their way from the doorstep to the landfill, and less often the recycling bin.

The production, delivery and disposal of unwanted phonebooks harms the environment, burdens Waste Management, and costs State, County and City taxpayers millions every year. 

We had a bill in the Oregon legislature - Senate Bill 525 which would have moved Oregon to an opt-in system for phonebooks.  For more information and talking points for 2013, please visit

The Oregon House needs to move this legislation forward!

This will lead to phonebook companies only delivering phonebooks to people who request a copy!

SB 525 died in the Business, Transportation and Economic Development Committee in 2011.  San Francisco has banned phonebooks and has set the pace - what are we waiting for in Oregon?

This petition is having an effect. Look for changes soon in the Portland Metro area. Also, this legislation will be brought forward by the House in 2013 - stay tuned, and find us on FB at

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    1. Reached 4,000 signatures
    2. Phonebooks in the news - let's crank it up!

      Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      Please share this fun video about the issue with your friends and family.

    3. PSI has some stats for us

      Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      Every year, more than 650,000 tons of phone books are delivered to households across the country, despite the fact that many residents have more convenient, and less wasteful, ways to access the same information. While a third of all phone books are recycled, 410,000 tons still find their way to landfills or incinerators, costing taxpayers more than $59 million each year in management costs. For the past five years, PSI has worked with directory publishers, government officials, and environmental advocates to create better residential opt-out options and increase phone book recycling. Based on these negotiations, the Local Search Association created a website for residents to use to opt-out of receiving unwanted phone books. Many government officials, however, are not satisfied with the level of transparency the system provides, and the promotion of the website."

    4. Great progress!

      Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      It looks like we're moving forward on this issue, thanks to everyone who's signed so far! Share the link on social networks, thanks!

    5. Reached 2,500 signatures
    6. Is your City/Town/State/Country familiar with Catalog Choice?

      Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      Seems like a pretty straightforward way to get started.

      Feel free to run with this, and spread it!

      Albert Kaufman, Portland, Oregon, USA

    7. Working our way to 2,500, please help spread the word

      Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      We're not done yet. Let's make sure the Oregon State Legislature hears from us and does something about unwanted phonebooks in our "green" state!

    8. Just updated the petition to talk about the next legislative session

      Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      Yes, let's get this ready for 2012. Our next session will be here before you know it. Let's organize!

    9. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      2,000 signers, really incredible!

    10. Reached 2 signatures
    11. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      Wow, we just passed the 1,700 mark today! Incredible!

    12. Reached 1 signatures
    13. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      San Francisco Set to Ban Unsolicited Phone Books

      When's the last time you looked up a number in the phone book? For us, it was probably around 1999. But the Yellow Pages keep coming. Every year there's another stack of trash delivered to your doorstep.

      Now San Francisco, the first city in the country to ban plastic bags , is about to take another step forward: Preventing the Yellow Pages from giving books to people who might not want them. Last week, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 to pass legislation (PDF ) that would ban unwanted delivery of the directories. Each phone book would have to be "personally delivered to an occupant or authorized representative of the residence or business or left at the residence or business following a request." A few cities have opt-out registries , but this bill is different. The Yellow Pages would have to confirm you want a book before giving you one. The legislation also includes a public outreach campaign to make sure seniors and low-income people aren't deprived of useful information.

      The bill faces one more vote this week, but it's expected to pass. If it does, the savings will be considerable . According to the city, the 1.6 million business directories delivered every year would stack up to 8 1/2 times the height of Mt. Everest, and banning them would actually boost the economy by lowering advertising rates and reducing damage to municipal recycling machinery.

      Let's hope laws like this catch on elsewhere. There are tons of great doorstops on Etsy .

    14. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      Hello, I just sent this to everyone I know in Seattle. Would you be willing to do the same? Thanks, Albert

      According to

      You have only a few days to opt-out of getting your DEX Yellow Pages.

      Cancellations of Dex Pages for 2011 must by done by May 16. That's because requests must be made 30 days before a phone book company starts its distribution cycle in Seattle. Dex, the largest phone-book distributor in Seattle, starts its cycle in mid-June.

      Read more:

      Start here:

      And please please please spread this news to others in Seattle. Then, we might make some progress elsewhere :)

      Albert Kaufman
      Leading Oregon’s effort on phonebook legislation

    15. Reached 1 signatures
    16. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      just about at 1,000 signatures, please pass this along to friends!

    17. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      just passed the 800 signature line - please sign and keep spreading this petition, thanks!

    18. Reached 750 signatures
    19. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      yes! we just crossed the 500 mark! Thank you. Have friends in Oregon? Please send them the URL! - let's do it

    20. Reached 500 signatures
    21. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      please come join us on Facebook - to help organize this - and tell everyone you know to sign this petition. We can win this -

    22. Reached 250 signatures
    23. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      We just got a great article on OEC's site: - these are the folks that brought us the bottle bill many years ago!

    24. Albert Kaufman
      Petition Organizer

      I've updated the petition to ask the Senators involved to schedule a hearing for SB 525. Right now it's sitting in Senator Lee Beyer's Business, Transportation and Economic
      Development Committee. There is one week left to schedule a hearing. Feel free to call Senator Beyer's office @ 503-986-1706


    Reasons for signing

      • over 1 year ago

      I feel that if you do not want a phonebook your phone company should know. As for me, I want a phonebook. The 411 information is too much money. I also need help with unwanted bullies. PLEASE HELP!

      I have been bullied by my family for god knows how long. Especially after my daughter died in 1996 she was 2 years old, meanwhile I was pregnant with my son. I had a nervous breakdown 1999-2001. I had turned toward drugs for I did not know how to deal with it, nevertheless my family instead of helping me they called DYFS on me. Therefore, I gave temporary custody to my so-called mom. Then when I got myself clean a good job, a place to live. When I got my son back from them, they all treated me not very nice. My cousin had met a guy named Terri Shaw who was a cop at that time. I am in suspicion that they have and are still now with no touch torcher from their home of residency, US house Bill 550(WE THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT BE CHIPPED.

      I am looking for help with a police/detective that is helping public citizens

      commit computer crimes, tampering with medical and personal records, plus personal

      and public humiliation(Defamation of character)

      I am having a hard time proving my innocence. I am not good with words.


      I am looking for help with trying to prove that doctors or doctor have illegally

      performed a surgery. I am also trying to prove that my medical records have

      been tampered with and my computer has hacked (computer crime) along with

      banking and my personal business. I do have proof of medical records for

      instant One of the medical records that I have says that I was in the hospital

      on DEC. 24 2009 SOUTH JERSEY HEALTH ELMER NJ WHERE I was in UNDERWOOD MEMORIAL DEC 24 2000 FOR MY NERVOUS BREAKDOWN over the death of my daughter

      I also have labs and x-rays to prove it. Please I am praying

      for someone to listen and help me. It is affecting the way I am thinking.they did something to me that is affecting me personal life. I have suspicion that one of the doctors between 2002-2012 Underwood memorial woodbury nj and south Jersey healthcare

      in Elmer, the police officer from Maple Shade Terri Shaw and The public citizen( Melissa Heston)are sending pictures to everyone so that no one will take the case.

      If that was true HOW did they get their information . I Also trying to make sure you got you the

      message PLEASE HELP ME. I might sound crazy but if you could examine me I reasonably

      suspicion that by US House bill 550 is going on with verichip,`doc2-ca2+, The implant are used to make the victim appear to have a mental disorder. I am also trying to get help with personal and personal and public humiliation.

      To prove computer hacking breaking and entering without search without a search warrant

      To prove Article 2 rule 403-which is confusion.


      • over 1 year ago

      Such a massive waste of paper should be a crime. Phone books are not even needed anymore, considering nearly everyone has access to a computer.

    • Shannon Perkins LONGMONT, CO
      • over 1 year ago

      an opt-in option is a great idea! I rarely use phonebooks, and typically look up the information I need on the computer. This should be an option in all states.

    • Shannon Wolcott BEAVERTON, OR
      • over 1 year ago

      With technology as advanced as it is, we don't need something as archaic as a phone book, which is extremely wasteful and unnecessary, delivered to our homes. Please stop producing them.

    • alexis hendrickson COLUMBIA, MO
      • over 1 year ago

      i get like 2 of these a year. I DONT NEED A PHONE BOOK. make it so you can order one if you need one


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