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Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!

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      Soi Dog Foundation

Petitioning General Prayuth Chan-ocha,

I am disappointed to see that despite numerous arrests and publicity, the illegal trade in dogs for meat and skin continues, both within Thailand and from Thailand to Vietnam. 

Because most of these dogs are not vaccinated for rabies and can spread the disease this severely compromises Thailand's commitment as a member of ASEAN to eradicate rabies by the year 2020.

In addition the people of Thailand should be aware of the dangers of eating dog meat which has been demonstrated in Vietnam and China to be a cause of outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and trichinellosis. 

Smugglers collect and steal dogs across the country and transport them to central holding facilities in Northern Thailand. An increasing number of the dogs are stolen pets. Transporting unvaccinated dogs across provinces within the country, as well as to other countries, is illegal. 

The people behind the trade openly boast that the industry is worth 1 billion Thai baht (30 million US dollars) per year but they pay no tax on the profits, and the industry thrives on corruption. 

As the international community becomes more aware of the trade in dogs for meat and skin, Thailand's reputation as a nation of caring people is being severely tarnished by the actions of a few greedy criminals. 

We respectfully ask that the Government of Thailand: 

- Stop the trade and arrest those people behind it who are well known to the authorities. 

- Stop the open sale of dog meat and dog products at shops and restaurants in Thailand, none of which operate legally. 

- Provide funding to the Department of Livestock Development to care for the dogs rescued from the trade. 

- Ban the export of dog skin and the manufacture and export of dog skin products. 


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    2. Thanks for making your voie heard!

      Thanks again for signing Soi Dog's petition and adding your voice to the chorus of people calling for Thailand's government to crack down on the illegal dog meat trade.

      By adding your name to the petition you've joined a global community of compassionate and dedicated animal-lovers. We're happy to have you on board!

      You've already shown that you care deeply about dogs and cats in Thailand. The majority of people in Thailand don't know about the horrific torture these dogs face. If they did, they’d be just as disgusted as you and me. And many of them would want to do something about it.

      Now that you know about the appalling dog meat trade, don't let those responsible get away with it.

      Dog meat traders are good at carrying out their business in secret. That's why we need to let as many people in Thailand know about the trade as possible.
      Soi Dog is placing thousands of billboards throughout Thailand each billboard bringing public awareness to the trade and providing a 24 hour hotline number to call to report dog nappers.

      Locals are a vital source of information for Thai police. In fact, billboards like the one I'm asking you to buy today have led to numerous arrests in the past two months and many dogs have been rescued.

      Buy your billboard now by visiting https://savedogs.soidog.org/billboards and make sure illegal dog meat traders have nowhere to hide.

      Your billboard will magnify the impact you've already made. It could help rescue a shipment of dogs, lead to the arrest and prosecution of a smuggling ring, and deter others from taking part in this brutal trade.

      We need to spread the word - innocent dogs are being tortured.

      BUY A BILLBOARD to let more people in Thailand know about the illegal dog meat trade in their country. Thai people are our biggest allies in this fight - but they need to know what's going on. I've bought a billboard to spread the word - will you buy one too?

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    Reasons for signing

    • Vanessa Tomé AMERICANA, BRAZIL
      • 4 minutes ago

      Estou assinando para que isso não aconteça mais. E que as pessoas dese vídeo pague por isso.

    • Simone Machado de Lima TRêS LAGOAS, BRAZIL
      • 7 minutes ago

      Tem que acabar com isso.

    • Elke Frerichs GERMANY
      • 13 minutes ago

      Diese Grausamkeiten den Tieren Gegenüber müssen aufhören!!

    • Janice Downie BARBADOS, BARBADOS
      • 38 minutes ago

      I am so very saddened. I hope that I can see a change in my lifetime. If I have to say what is wrong about this I despair for the human race !

    • Susan Thorpe PAWTUCKET, RI
      • 39 minutes ago

      This is sickening. These people are sub-human. Stop this now. No one should eat dog and no living thing should be killed this inhumanely! I hope these sick people die a slow and painful death and that their hell is being stabbed every moment of eternity. I will not buy a single item from another of these backwards countries. I suggest no one else does either.


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