PLEASE protect the dolphins of Indonesia!
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Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia

PLEASE protect the dolphins of Indonesia!

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Some 72 (yes, SEVENTY TWO!) DOLPHINS remain TRAPPED in a CIRCUS life in Indonesia, and exposed to the risk of skin burns and blindness in their heavily chlorinated shallow plastic pools.

"Indonesia is home to the world’s last remaining traveling dolphin circuses. The intelligent sea mammals are trained to jump through rings of fire, are hauled from town to town under poor conditions and the high levels of chlorine in their shallow plastic pools can cause blindness and burn their skin. Many die due to stress, chlorine toxicity and lack of proper care."

"In June 2011, the government announced it would release three of the 72 captive dolphins directly back into the ocean. According to den Haas, without assisted rehabilitation, the dolphins would die. To this date, none have been released."

These creatures do not belong in captivity, let alone trapped in a shallow plastic pools in tropical Indonesia.

HELP to support the rehabilitation and release of these dolphins by signing this letter to Minister ZULKIFLI HASAN (Mr.), and request that dolphin tourism be elevated over captivity.


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    3. Manager of Dolphin show claims harassment!

      "The manager of a traveling dolphin show is ignoring accusations made by activists about the alleged theft of two dolphins in Bali who were supposed to be transferred to a rehabilitation center in Central Java.

      “Whether or not we have transferred the dolphins is none of their business, if you want to know where the dolphins are please find out yourself,” Ade Kusmana, a representative of dolphin show company Wersut Seguni Indonesia, told the Jakarta Globe on Monday.

      Ade complained that the Indonesian media had been portraying him as a criminal while treating Richard O’Barry, a world-renowned dolphin activist, as a hero."


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    • Donna Carattini ALBUQUERQUE, NM
      • 9 months ago

      To His Excellency, Mr. Shinzō Abe

      The Prime Minister of Japan

      To His Excellency, Mr. YAMAZAKI Masaaki,

      The President of the House of Councillors

      To His Excellency, Mr. Bunmei Ibuki

      The President of the House of Representatives

      and to all of the members of the Japanese Parliament

      I am writing you these words to express my profound admiration and respect for your nation, but admitting at the same time, a deep pain and sorrow caused by the practice that still continues today in Japan: the mass killing of dolphins.

      According to long-term studies conducted by the scientists, dolphins’ intelligence is highly developed. Dolphins are recognized to be the second most intelligent species on our planet, after Homo Sapiens. Just like us, humans, they are capable of forming complex social relationships. From ancient times, the history recorded many cases of drowning people being saved by dolphins. This implies not just a great conceptual power but also empathy, as it involves understanding that a being’s life is in danger, that the life of that being has an intrinsic value and it is worth saving, and even more, it deserves the effort of saving it. Dolphins have repeatedly demonstrated that they do this for us.

      We, the humans, always find reasons for our actions based on philosophy and religious traditions. Buddhist Wisdom, for example, urges us to help the sentient beings if we can, and if we can’t, at least we should choose not to hurt them. Dolphins behave towards people as if they would follow these noble human morals. Another important source of morality is empathy. When we realize that another being is suffering, and we connect with it emotionally and support it, we have a more complete picture of his, her or it’s drama. Empathy renders distances, even distance in time, insignificant. Seeing the images of the massacres in the past years and the capturing of the dolphins these days, deleted the 9000 kilometers between Bucharest and Tokyo.

      Every scream of fear and pain of the dolphins that are captured and killed is a sharp stab into my heart. Every bloodshed in the sea trickles like a burn onto my soul. Watching the news and the images on this subject, I could not help the tears and I wished so eagerly that I could hug all those dolphins and somehow ease their pain and save them. I am convinced that most people seeing these images of the slaughtered dolphins share the same unsettling feelings and emotions. And there are many millions…

      I am writing this open letter as a citizen among those who that are connected by the invisible thread of the same compassion and pain caused by the suffering and killing of dolphins.

      At the same time, I am writing you as a member of the Romanian Parliament, my country being probably the only country in the world that has the national coat of arms displaying two dolphins. I have recently announced the introduction in the Parliament of a draft law that aims at recognizing dolphins as non-human persons as a legal basis for strengthening their protection in the Black Sea.

      The special relationship between people and dolphins in the Black Sea region is well known throughout history. About 2600 years ago, around the time of the first Emperors of Japan, the first city on the present territory of Romania was founded on the Black Sea shore. It was the famous ancient Greek colony called Tomis, where the great roman poet Ovid was exiled few centuries latter and wrote a large part of his work, and where the coins that were put into use by the ancient inhabitants were printed not with the image of some political figure, but with the images of dolphins.

      Nowadays, the images of dolphins captured and slaughtered in Japan, are shuddering the planet. The dolphins suffered terribly, understanding that they are going to be killed. Some have seriously injured themselves until bleeding in their desperate attempt to escape. I have also noticed among them a rare albino baby, that was swimming terrified next to his mother. I think that the white baby dolphin will become a symbol for all those who call for a humane treatment for the dolphins worldwide.

      I am convinced that you have received and you will receive many messages calling for a human and honorable solution to this problem. I sincerely hope with all my heart that you will take all these messages into account, and that the day when you put an end to such horrors is near. It is entirely in your power to stop the killing of dolphins in Japan.

    • elaine mcdonnell RAMROD KEY, FL
      • 10 months ago

      Please free these beautiful creatures. you are torturing them..with captivity

    • Betty Franklin ST ALBANS, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      I recently returned from sailing in Indonesia and saw how magnificent these creatures are in the wild. No one wants to be trapped in a dreadful life. Lets help to rehabilitate and set them free. I'm up for the job!!

      • about 1 year ago

      Stressful situations can cause the catecholamine (adrenal gland secretions) to inflict irreparable damage to the circulatory (heart) system of dolphins.

    • Lydia Bloms BORONIA, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      any dolphin in captivity is just NOT RIGHT!! hey were NOT put on this earth for OUR Entertainment


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