Please, place Camera's in all special needs classrooms for our children
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Please, place Camera's in all special needs classrooms for our children

    1. christine stephens
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      christine stephens

      liberty, KY

My son, is a special needs child, who has been abused in a School system. There are no camera's in these classes or timeout rooms ( that are padded, and they put theses children in these rooms for when they act out ) Not all special needs kids are acting out, Some are crying out. And they have needs and the teachers and aids need to listen to these children. My child came home several times with bruises on him. One day I came to the school to pick him up, and they had him in the timeout padded room, with a plastic matt covering his whole body. It was about 3 to 4 inches thick,  I could not even see where he was at, at first I did not know he was even under the matt. I had a friend with me that witnessed this action. There was one 200 lb man standing over the matt, with both his hand pushing with all his might, over my sons face, with the matt covering him. Then another lady holding and pushing the matt over the rest of his body. I yelled, and they both jumped up. when the matt was pulled off my son, who at the time weighed 67 lbs, He was so stunned, and in shock, and could not breath, His face had been mashed against the floor( you could see the marks on his face, and the tears running down his face) , and he was as red as a tomato. His hair, face, and shirt,  was wet from sweating and crying. He was 8 years old when this occured. He could not even speak for a few minutes, when I tried to get him off the floor.  we all were in shock. I could not even speak, and was shaking so bad, with tears running down my face, with my friend behind me, also crying.  His shoes and socks were off, with one of them in the class room. As I sat there, putting on his shoes, all I could think about was, this can not be right, or legal. The man and lady both left the room without saying a word to me, or checking on him.I never did see them when I left with my child.  I picked him up and took him to the car without saying one word to anyone, nor did they speak to me. When we got to the car, we all three sat there and cried. He finally told me he thought he was going to die, and that he was so scared. He had nightmares for weeks, and still today, talks about it.  There are no camera's in these classerooms, or time out rooms and I think there should be, for our childrens protection.  some of these special need children are unable to speak for themselves And most children who have special needs do not talk about the abuse that they suffer, because they think it is normal or they are ashamed and scared. I am hoping to change laws in the state of Ky, and everywhere. and I am demanding that camera's be placed  in all classrooms and timeout rooms, that deal with special needs children, or children who need special care,  so we can know what is happening to our children. We have that right as parents, and caregivers.  Please sign this petition. It is for the protection for every child who does not have a voice, or can not speak for themselves.( Sometimes, these children try to speak , but no one believes them and even some people,  do not want to listen.)  Do you know what is going on with your child in his or hers school or with their teachers and aids? Help me speak for them, one voice added to another can save a life and make people more aware of a childs needs, and treated as they should be treated, and help stop abuse.

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      • almost 3 years ago

      I have a special needs child

    • coco vigil SEATTLE, WA
      • almost 3 years ago

      A teacher & aide bullying like that? they should be put in jail. if it was my child, i would find a way to make them pay somehow for what they've done. jail? prison? and I'M NOT KIDDING

    • Tabatha Wagner GRAND LEDGE, MI
      • almost 3 years ago

      I have a special needs brother and I would be very upset if this kind of treatment to him. I am very sorry about what happened to your son and I support you! I'm also a LINK at my school which means I help out one hour a day with the autistic children.

    • Tiffany Riddle MIDWAY, KY
      • almost 3 years ago

      My son, Joshua, has Autism and I feel we are the voices of our children!! We must advocate for our children!! We must stand up and fight for the kids that can't stand up for themselves!! There are cameras everywhere else in this world now, why not in the classroom to protect our innocent children! Also, you can say it will protect the teachers at the same time!!

    • Megan De BUFFALO, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      I worked with severely disturbed children in the same type of place as your son. I am signing because I am strongly against child abuse. Please, check if your son is self injuring or if the bruises are from other children. Psychologically disturbed children when angry can become incredibly difficult needing a 200 lb teacher or multiple teachers to take control for his safety and the safety of others. I also recommend trying yoga with your child, and using an organic diet. His shoes and socks were likely off due to himself or because sneakers hurt when kicking. It's likely your child was supined. NO child should EVER be abused, but something needs to be done about extreme violent behavior, such as the use of medication and change in diet.


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