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Please make schools safe!
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Please make schools safe!

    1. Elizabeth Kangas
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      Elizabeth Kangas

      Redford, MI

The State of Michigan recently passed an Anti-Bullying Law. The law addresses bullying in schools by requiring schools to adopt an anti-bullying policy and enforcing it. The law does not require shools to implement any preventive measures for bullying and any other type of negative behavior.
Bullying; hurting, frightening, abusing, teasing, taunting, however you choose to define bullying the bottom line is that it damages the person being targeted.
What character education research shows is that there must be a consistent response to every episode of negative behavior. The adults must model consistently appropriate responses to all negative behavior. When adults use anecdotal responses, there is less change within the building. One of the measures noted in the research was that all teachers and certain support staff step into the hallways and stairwells to monitor student behavior – not to have a chat with another adult, but to actively monitor all students. But it takes more than monitoring student behavior to change the way people and students behave. It is the "culture" that tolerates negative behavior that needs to change!
We have rap music that glorifies gangster behavior. We have T.V. shows that glorify bullying – have any of you seen the JACKASS episodes when they were on MTV? This is bullying glorified!!! The biggest challenge and what character education and/or violence prevention programs set out to do is to teach that it is "uncool" to tolerate negative behavior. It teaches children how to deal with and cope with negative behavior and gives the teachers and other adults the tools to model appropriate responses and consequences.
Without character education, the burden is placed on kids to tell on each other to the teacher or whoever is placed in charge. This just deals with the immediate issue and does not have long term effects. It does not change school culture. We need the culture in school buildings to reflect zero tolerance from all stakeholders; from students to administration.
Please help us to protect all children in school. We need more than a law to stop bullying! We need character education so our kids and adults can recognize and heal the negative behavior in our schools!
Thank you for your time!

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    • Muriel Kaier BRIGHTON, MI
      • about 2 years ago

      I taught special education and elementary education for over 30 years and I know there has been a great need for character education for all K-12 for decades.

    • jessica caldwell ADRIAN, MI
      • about 2 years ago

      kids are the most pecious and special gifts in the world and nobody should get away with abusing or mistreating them

      • over 2 years ago

      The culture of student behavior needs to change. Bullying is very dangerous. We need to keep our children safe. Michigan needs to take some serious precautions about bullying! It will only get worse if the situation is ignored.

    • jennifer mclarty REDFORD, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Because being a victim of bullying myself, and now watching my kids go through it, enough is enough. It leaves emotional scares that last a lifetime. Bulllying needs to end. Now my kid is in counseling where the bully actually needs counseling because he is the one with issues.

    • Raymond Piskor REDFORD, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      In the 60's I simply stood up to bullies whether the victim was me or someone else. In today's litegious and gang-infested society other means must be used. Ten years ago my son was attacked by a bully and we took him to court. He was found guilty of a high-level misdemeanor, did not serve any time, but never bothered my son again. His parents refused to believe that their "little angel" could do such a thing. I've the seen current policy work successfully at Thurston High, where my daughter goes now. I've also seen the police taking students away in handcuffs several times for fighting. We need to do more to reach, or scare, parents into action against bullying.


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