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    1. Judy E, RN
    2. Petition by

      Judy E, RN

      greenwich, CT

HELP US STOP the Unnecessary gathering , auctioning  and SLAUGHTERING Of the Virginia Range Wild Horses of Nevada.   TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!! These Horses are CURRENTLY being gathered!!!

1)      Insist that Horses Gathered By the Nevada Dept of Agriculture ALLOW ADVOCATES TO PLACE them.  Make it ILLEGAL for "stray" horses to go to SLAUGHTER

2)      Insist that these horses are gathered HUMANELY: NO AIRCRAFT OR HELICOPTORS  - HUMANE Capture and Treatment!

3)     INSIST  the free roaming horses in Nevada BE DECLARED as “WILD” and PROTECTED under LAW as an important part of Nevada’s heritage, the United States History and as our National Treasure.

 Past photo Jewel - We Wont forget  "Jewel" the wild pregnant mare BLM ran down & terrorized with their helicopter in the snow and then shot her in the head! 

past  photo taken by Philip Adams Nevada Wilds - wild horse photography.

Current photo - past images of gathered horses, a mare's front leg snapped in the corral right after being 'gathered', so a contractor shot her in the head.  It was noted by the photographer that a lot of very powerful kicks being administered to one another among the wild horses in their bunched up condition in the corrals. So, perhaps it was such a blow that snapped the upper leg bone of this beautiful mare. Sept 2006. in NW Nevada.  Photo courtesy of Front Range Equine Rescue, 

my post for the beautiful Wild Virginia Range Horses!/photo.php?fbid=182067391876282&set=a.116001421816213.25904.115796045170084&type=1&theater

“It’s liable to be the last chance for some of the Virginia Range horses, even some that you're seen in my photos.”

He continued to write.  " This is the State of Nevada, Department of Agriculture rounding them up, not the BLM. They say that there are too many and some have been hit by cars in the roundup areas. These horses will go to auction, if the state has its way. The auction is to dispose of them quickly.   The horses in the Virginia Range were abandoned years ago by BLM and are not protected. BLM said they rounded up all of the "wild" horses in the Virginia Range, so any other horses left there are not wild, they are "estray".  It is just legalistics. It has to do with how many organizations and people have a place for them are willing to pay the price to rescue them.  Kill buyers stop bidding when they can't make a profit on a horse."

Another Advocate - said “ Any mustangs who cross unseen boundaries off of BLM lands and onto others like Fish & Game, etc… or private property, can be gathered up, marked as "estrays" and sold without limitations. It happens all the time.There are other situations, where the mustangs there are not covered by BLM, and sold to the highest bidder- typically. In other words that they can go to SLAUGHTER HOUSES!! "  This is why we must pass legislation declaring these horses as "wild"!


Another advocate stated:  " The Virginia Range is the very horses that "WILD HORSE ANNIE" knew and fought to protect.  They were BLM, on BLM land, but after trapping there for a while quite a few years ago now, BLM simply declared there was no more horses on the Virginia Range or some such close story. They are now under the control of the Nevada Department of AGRICULTURE. “

She adds: “We really must all stand up and say "NO" to these horses going to slaughter sale. They should be turned over to the advocates to place! "  Make it illegal for "estrays" to go to Slaughter..

 WE CAN STOP this beautiful band of Wild horses from going to SLAUGHTER and INSIST, that they ARE TURNED OVER TO ADVOCATES TO PLACE!!!

"Wild" Horses play an important role in the Heritage of Nevada  and the United States.. The Virginia Range Wild Horses MUST BE Protected..  These "wild" horses not only play an important role in the History of Nevada, but also they play an important Role in the Eco-Sytems of the Virginia Range.  They eat Vegitation and Grasses that would otherwise be fuel for Wild Fires!!!

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE For these WILD HORSES.  Currently.. They are going to build traps, take over a hundred horses, and take them to the prison at Carson City. At this point there is no Guarantee Where the Virginia Range Wild Horses will go.  In the past they have NOT gone to homes that were loving and safe. They have gone to the highest bidder.  Some of which were SLAUGHTER HOUSES.

WE MUST INSIST THAT: 1)  The local advocate Will be ALLOWED to OVERSEE WHERE these Horses are Placed!!, Make it ILLEGAL for "estray" horses go to Slaughter  2)  They are gathered and treateded HUMANELY!!!  NO Aircraft or Helicopters 3)  A the wild horses of Nevada and be Deemed as "wild" and PROTECTED under the laws as a National Treasure !!

We must join together to help PROTECT these Majestic Bands of Wild Horses of the Virginia Range.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!! These Horses are CURRENTLY being gathered!!!






We wont forget " Jewel " the wild pregnant mare BLM ran down & terrorized with their helicopter in the snow and then they shot her in the head.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Emily R LAKEWOOD, WA
      • 18 days ago

      America was built off the backs of horses. Our world would not be what it is today if were not for their friendship and service. Horses are a part of our culture, our history, they should be treated with respect and compassion.

    • Sheryln Cole FALLON, NV
      • 9 months ago

      Right now we have a Virginia City mustang with the Story Co. brand on her which is the lazy SC. She is about 13 years old according to her teeth. She is the sweetest horse and we are teaching her dressage and jumping and she is doing great. She only wants to please. You can't ask any better than that. If you will go on facebook kay pierce cole you can see her and how happy she is. No horse needs to die. My husband is a retired horseshoer who has been all over the world. Between Roy and Sierra Rinehart in Atwater, Ca. Whinny our horse has become a very supple horse for training.

    • Tamara Combs LANCASTER, CA
      • 9 months ago

      These horses are a national treasure and should be protected. This has to be a priority over ranchers' grazing rights, mineral extraction and any other commercial purpose !

    • Kimber Moore VC HIGHLANDS, NV
      • 10 months ago

      These wild horses are a symbol of our American Freedom. They are beautiful, wild, passive and FREE. They can be managed properly with a good plan and can be supported by willing volunteers, like myself. The Ranchers are narrow minded and have been catered to with these disastrous results. This whole process and result is wrong for our state, tourism and our American values.

    • Nancy Albin RENO, NV
      • 10 months ago

      Because I live here!!!


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