Please ......Help me get Pardoned for a crime I did not  do ......
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The conviction of Krystal Pritchard

Please ......Help me get Pardoned for a crime I did not do ......

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      fort lauderdale, FL

I am a mother of two terrific young boys (and two girls not with me ). They are smart, talented, and I love them more than
anything. When I was a child, I was molested, abused, and tortured, in my adopted home growing up in a small town in
Michigan for many years, (7-16). My adopted mother would abuse and torture me. My adopted father was a police officer,
and he sexually molested and tormented me.

At 14 they sent me to an abusive boarding school called Hephzibah House in Indiana . There I attempted many times to commit suicide to no avail.

I cant remember the date but I was sent back to my adopted family's home ,where all the abuse continued where it left off.

At 16 years old, I finally got enough courage to run away. I wanted a new life- abuse free, and away from my abusers.They
did a rape kit on me because before I ran away my adopted dad had raped me .After the rape kit was taken .I was taken
back to the state trooper headquarter's,they told me ,by law we had to call my adopted parent's home ,totell them I was ok
and that they had me in custody that I was safe .My adopted father answered the phone ,the officer gave his name and said
they had me in custody .His first word's were she didnt say I raped her did she .the police officer's looked at each other and
shook there head's now I knew they believed me .They handed me the phone I said i'm fine ,and gave the phone back to the
officer's . At this time, I was placed into a foster home. While I was waiting for the results of DNA to come back, I received a
phone call that they had misplaced the DNA. So instead of having to go back to the abuser's home (which I thought was
going to happen ), I ran away to Florida . Well, I called my adopted mom to tell her where I was.
(Remember, I was brainwashed in this home for so many years that I really felt like she would help me. I now know this at
the time I didn’t). She called the law later, and I was extradited back to Michigan. I was taken to the same foster home.
There was a new person there, and after a few days, they accused me of molesting them. I never did, but was put in a juvenile
 home, and later was put in real jail (almost 17-years-old at the time). The person told so many contradicting stories, it was
hard to believe that these people were listening to this, but they did. My adopted mother was not suppose to have any contact
unless supervised by a social worker, and my adopted dad was to have none at all. I do not remember how long I was held
up, but finally a court date came.

When I walked in the courtroom, I met my attorney. However, with her was my adopted heart sank. The judge
asked me what I wanted to plea. I asked my attorney, and she said to plea guilty. I said that I didn’t want to plea guilty to
something I did not do. I said I wanted to plea not guilty. She said that it couldn’t be an option, that they were going to
charge me regardless if I’m innocent or not, and that I would spend the rest of my life behind bars. I definitely didn’t want
this, but both my attorney and adopted mom were saying the same thing. I turned to the judge and told him I wanted a
different attorney, and that my adopted mom was not suppose to be here. I asked him if I could fire my attorney. He told me
that I couldn’t. I told him that I didn’t know what to do. I said I never touched the accuser, and I wanted to plea not guilty,
but that I didn’t want to go to prison for the rest of my life, and definitely didn’t want to plea guilty because I wasn’t guilty.
He told me there is another option, that I could plea no contest, then I could get out of jail after my sentencing would be
done. Well, that’s what I did, I plead nolo contende or no contest. Bad mistake. On my next hearing, I was not able to go,
and he gave me until sept with juvenile center and jail time combined would be about 2 years I believe. Then, right
before I was let out, a man came in and told me I had to register as a sex offender for 25 years .... I asked many questions
because I didn’t understand this at all. But he said if I didn’t sign it, I would not be let out so I did.
Now, I am a registered sex offender it went from 25 years, and the new law made it life. I never committed this crime and it
affects my children every day. I need this overturned. Since then, I haven’t had a ticket on my record. However, at one point,
I changed my information when I registered and didn’t change my address on my license right away, and therefore, they
arrested me. When I went to court, the judge let me go and withheld adjudication(so it's not on my record ), it was a felony.
The judge thought it was ridiculous.

I have my paper work and I have showed judges, police officers, and many people in authority, and they believe I was
railroaded for the simple fact I put my adopted father in prison for molesting and torturing me and people didn’t like it ....
I am a great mother and would never hurt anyone, especially my children or anyone else’s. Please understand this: Some
innocent people do get convicted and I was/am one of them. I was a minor and this was back in 97-98 but yet they charged
me as an adult. Please sign my petition ,and help me get this overturned .And if you know of anything else I could do let me
know . Thank's so much for your time. Angel (Krystal Pritchard)

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    • Stephen Orringer PRINCETON, UNITED STATES
      • 8 months ago

      It is important because it happened to me. The prosecution knew about the childs confession as you can see in the victim impact statement and you can see that my attorney had a audio tape of the child recanting and chose to hide it from the judge and jury. On top of that chose to hide my retrial dates so I could not be heard on the Intimidation to bring out the childs confession. Once before the appeal and the other during it. Then my own lawyer allowed me to remain out on bond 11 months after the appeal was decided on so the NC Sex Offender Registration law would affect me. Please sign my petitions too. Help me get the justice I deserve as well. One of the petitions is and the rest is on where you can read the real story. Good Luck with your petition.

      • about 1 year ago

      This whole situation stinks of cover up and it's time to uncover it!!

    • Bonnie Mitchell PHOENIX, AZ
      • about 1 year ago

      Not only should the charges be overturned, the Judge or Judges, and Lawyers, prosecutors who made this mistake should be held accountable also (fined and or jailed)

    • Alexis Luttrull NASHVILLE, IN
      • about 1 year ago

      Stop the war against women! In the name of all that is good and pure, why isn't this getting more attention?!

    • Lance Warren BREMERTON, WA
      • over 1 year ago

      Because I am a convicted sex offender, and while I did wrong, I never actully tuched my victim, yet I was told I would have to plead guilty AND be sentenced with 2 counts of child molestation instead of same course of conduct and indecent liberties with a minor. I am now a level 3 because I have a previous DV Assault 4 charge(yes, I yelled at my ex-wife! who hasn't? as well as a violation of a no contact order because I was not allowed to see my newborn son! No, he was not my victim)And then there was the military. I was stationed at Ft.Lewis when all this had occurred(11years Army Infantry)And because I broke post restriction to go and see my son, I was considered a flight risk. And after 7-1/2 tears in prison and 3 more years of probation and placement I am done with that except registration, which is for life. And I have been kicked out of apartments and have lost several good paying jobs simply because of my past even though my job as a Land Surveyor did not put me in charge of anyone or deal with kids. And my crime was 17 years ago now and I have never "re-offended" as my parole officer had hoped for. So I feel your pain Krystal. And yes, I have met many men who simply had sex with their girlfriends and the mothers(usually) pressed charges and then the state picked it up when the girlfriend refused to prosecute. Take care doll! God Bless you.


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