Please call for Somali asylum seeker Mohamed Jama to be released from detention!
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Please call for Somali asylum seeker Mohamed Jama to be released from detention!

    1. PJ Edwards
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      PJ Edwards

      Smyrna, GA

October 2012


Mohamed Jama, an English teacher and human rights advocate, was released from ICE custody with the help of 185 supporters of this petition.

Mohamed Jama fled his home country of Somalia because of the violence there. As an English teacher and a believer in human rights, Mohamed became suspect in Somalia and was targeted with threats of violence. In December 2010, Mohamed traveled to the U.S. and appealed for safety and asylum here only to be imprisoned at Stewart Detention Center. For whatever reason, our government has chosen not to honor his story and his sacrifice, and instead has kept him locked up in this for-profit prison. In making that choice, our government has condemned him to a kind of political limbo. He cannot be returned to Somalia because of the absence of a working government there. And because he has not been granted legal status here, he cannot use his many talents and deep intellect to contribute to our country and its work. So, he sits in detention and waits. And waits. He waits at a cost of the passion he could bring to work for justice; he waits at the cost of his own well-being; he waits at the cost of about $164 per day to the U.S. taxpayers.
Mohamed has asked us to make an appeal on his behalf. Could you find time to make one phone call to advocate for his freedom? Please call John Morton, the director of ICE at 202-732-3000. You are asking that Mohamed Jama, with A number 200564730, an asylum seeker from Somalia, be released from detention.

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    1. Celebrating Mohamed's release!

      PJ Edwards
      Petition Organizer

      Mohamed was released from ICE Custody on October 19, 2012. He expresses his utmost gratitude to all who have supported him through visits, letters and in so many other ways. He is now with his relatives where he will be able to continue to have a positive impact on so many, sharing his perspective on life, his desire to learn, and his ability to seek out the good in his circumstances. Thanks to you, Mohamed, for sharing so much with us.

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    • Justin Butler NEWINGTON, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      I spent an afternoon in 2011 talking with Mohamed Jama at the detention center. It is an absurd glitch in bureaucracy that he is not living a normal life. Now fix it. Hundreds of people are granted asylum in the US every month. He has a wife and children he is not even able to communicate with. Please don't continue to ruin his life.

    • pat sadler DUNWOODY, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      Basic human compassion and empathy. What if it was me?

    • Ruth Arn LANSDALE, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      I think the United States should back up our belief in freedom and human rights that are written about in our historic documents by supporting people who try to flee to our country seeking freedom and justice.

    • Rebecca Johnson TORONTO, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      If a person has commited no crime, it runs against principles of justice to incarcerate him. Please release Mohamed Jama. We have our version in Canada through "security certificates" of incarcerating people without due charge or trial. Please respect justice.

    • Joyce Frederick CUMMING, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      Mohamed Jama was wronged by our government . His imprisonment is used to make a profit for Stewart shareholders. That's just not right!


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