Please create a dog park along 1st St that's walkable for downtowners.
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Please create a dog park along 1st St that's walkable for downtowners.

    1. bryan bazley
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      bryan bazley

      Phoenix, AZ

The majority of downtowners live in condos and apartments, and therefore have no yards. We are also one of the only major cities without a downtown dog park. We need the amenities that will grow our community.

A walkable dog park is very much needed to meet the needs of both current and future residents. The dog park will also help surrounding small businesses by increasing foot traffic -- but only if placed within walking distance of downtown residents. The currently-proposed 5th Ave location across the highway doesn't solve this and doesn't meet downtowners' needs.

Instead, placing the dog park on First Street, south of the highway, puts it within walking distance of the vast majority of downtown residents, would bolster local businesses, will connect Hance Park to downtown's activity, and can be done within the current streetscape project for a very minimal cost compared to other solutions!

Organizational supporters currently include:
~44 Monroe apartments
~Alta Lofts Phoenix apartments
~Angel Trumpet Alehouse 
~Artisan Village HOA 
~The Breadfruit
~Camden Copper Square apartments
~CityScape Phoenix/Palomor Hotel
~Downtown Voices Coalition
~Evans Churchill Community Association 
~LISC Phoenix
~Maricopa County Animal Care & Control
~Magellan Health Services
~Matt's Big Breakfast/Giant Coffee/Roosevelt Tavern
~Orpheum Lofts HOA
~Roosevelt Action Association
~Roosevelt Row CDC
~St Croix HOA
~Squash Blossom
~Westward Ho 

[For preliminary design concepts, renderings, funding scenarios, and detailed urban planning benefits, please email]

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    • Isabel Ferrales GLENDALE, AZ
      • about 2 years ago

      My 6 year old niece lives in a condo downtown and would love to play in a park nearby.

    • Clarissa Shank PHOENIX, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      Please build a park so dogs and dog lovers have a safe place to play and get exercise. Phoenix is a wonderful city and there aren't enough dog parks. Please build the dog park!

    • Kristina Wertz SCOTTSDALE, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      My good furry friend Koda needs a dog park where he can meet new friends and escape from his little apartment downtown.

    • Kiesha Locklear PHOENIX, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      Not having a dog park in downtown Phoenix is irresponsible. We want to promote density in this city. So, for dog lovers who want to live in that density, dog parks become an essential part of the social/recreational life of the dog and its owner.

    • Stephanie Grijalva PHOENIX, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm not a dog owner, but I have several friends that are, and they have expressed a need for a park for some time.


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