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Make a working firmware and remove bugs

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      turonga turonga

The customers have paid a lot of money for a smart TV from Philips, but with the current firmware the TV is useless. We expect a working firmware without bugs to finally be able to use the TV.

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Make a working firmware and remove bugs

The customers have paid a lot of money for a smart TV from Philips, but with the current firmware the TV is useless. We expect a working firmware without bugs to finally be able to use the TV.


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    • Casagrande Martin AUW, SWITZERLAND
      • over 2 years ago

      Problems with HDMI and TV Set Box

    • Marc Azzopardi SAN GWANN, MALTA
      • over 2 years ago

      It one of the features I was most exited about in the Philips 46PFL6606M, turned out to be a flop.

      1) I was let down with the very poor usability of the USB playback function. A proper Fast-Forward, Rewind, Random Seek, Goto function, for various file formats is sorely missing!!! It makes it very tedious to use!

      2) TV set sometimes just freezes... I am unable to power it up. You have to unplug the power cord and wait for it to reset.

      3) Some MP4 movies just freeze for no reason midway, but they work just fine on the Philips 32PFL4606H!

      4) MKV files and some other popular file formats are poorly supported.

    • Kras Anticross KHARKIV, UKRAINE
      • over 2 years ago

      47pfl7606t/12 fw v0.14.95.0

      Ask to fix this:

      1.If i set 3d when playing from usb TV restarts.

      2.when I plying 3d content from Laptop connected to hdmi. When watching over-under I need first set side-by-side and the over-under to take effect. When only press over-under there is no effect.

      3.When trying to play mkv files with DTS sound it not starts and shows "unsupported format". If I play this file using laptop and hdmi connection TV plays sound and video.

      4. When playing mkv file with some bad-frames in middle player stops and switches to next file. It can't skip that frames and continue playback or make ff.

      5. if i watch 3d video using hdmi till long time(one hour and maybe more) tv switches to non 3d mode by itself,and then i need to switch it back to 3d and continue watching.

      Ask to make this:

      1. Change audio tracks in video that support more than 1 language.

      2. Change subtitle language in video that support more than 1 language.

      3. Wake up timer when has no Internet connection(I can't get access to TV guide beacouse a have no internet at home).

      4. Save current video file state to play file from saved place when switching back from tv mode or satellite tuner.

      5. DTS audio support or at least playback video with no sound.

      6. Some bug tracker on web because I really want to Phillips make it's products better and beleive that you can do it.

      7. Make basic file manager functionality: move, copy, paste, deleate, rename files. It's helpfull when I want to move my video from usb-flash in first usb port of tv to usb-hdd in second.

      8. It will be good if some Philips TV SDK will exist. Beacouse if your programmers can't fix bugs,maybe someone can fix it.

    • Dennis Korjevski QIRYAT MOTZKIN, ISRAEL
      • over 2 years ago

      42pfl7606 it was a mistake to buy it

      i have a lot of problems!... almost same problems as a every one here experience

      i thing it`s really mean that something goes wrong with philips firmware

      1) No sound when switching HDMI outpots after mute a TV speakers (need to restart TV) BAD!

      2) NetTV random hang/crash, work very slow, some time reboot my tv

      3) Browse PC works very slow,hangs,crash some time and reboot TV

      4) Watching 3D via USB in build-it TV player is a disaster!!! some time impossible to view!! Ghosting is all around and every where

      5) In PS3 gaming when trying to switch from 3D back to 2D some time TV dont do it automaticly and i getting broken green light image instead of normal 2D and also not allow me to switch it manualy from the remote! it remain on second option from left in remote menu 2D / 3D an a first one is not allowed till i restart! BAD!

      P.S.i get some of this issues (for exaple a 3D bug and sound drop) after installing 000.014.093 FW

      that not was in older firmware

      i very angry and disappointed

    • M A A, SWEDEN
      • over 2 years ago

      Subtitle support (not only USB) is rudimentary for a TV with this high price. I feel ripped off.


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