Petitioning Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP: Protect precious Green Belt in Weston, Bath from a 150-home development!
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Conservative Party MP for North East Somerset
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Under Secretary of State for the Dept for Communities & Local Government and Lib Dem MP for Bath
Rt Hon Don Foster
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Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP

Petitioning Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP: Protect precious Green Belt in Weston, Bath from a 150-home development!

    1. Andy Hoyes
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      Andy Hoyes

      Bath, United Kingdom

We are campaigning to save the precious and beautiful landscape on the Weston Lower Slopes on the north western edge of the City of Bath from development.

This unspoilt, rural area is protected by international, European, national, regional and local landscape, heritage and other designations. It is also an area of high ecological importance. Nevertheless, Green Belt land at Weston has been earmarked for the development of 150 homes as part of Bath and North East Somerset Council’s proposed changes to its Core Strategy.

Over 1,000 public comments were made to the Council on its proposed changes to the Core Strategy with around 20% specifically against development at Weston; these are now with the Government’s Inspector who is preparing for the public hearings which are expected to take place in March 2014.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that development must be prevented on such extraordinary areas of our countryside and therefore the Government has a legal and moral obligation to adhere to its own policy. The NPPF also recognises the need for conserving and enhancing the historic environment.

Our campaign is to emphasise to the Government that the Weston Lower Slopes are not suitable for development on account of:

• The area’s designation as a Conservation Area within the Green Belt; it is an AONB and a UNESCO World Heritage Site (to which the Weston Lower Slopes contribute in terms of setting)

• The topography and restrictions on access making new housing untenable. Weston has known significant flooding issues and the proposed development site contains a complex labyrinth of water courses which, if tampered with, could exacerbate the situation

• The area’s recreational value in terms of the use by local people for dog walking, walking and other activities (all of which have been well documented and presented to the Council)

• It being an important habitat for rare and endangered species (for example, skylark, yellowhammer, nightingale, pipistrelle bats and long-winged conehead) with several SNCIs, the area’s ecological value is significant

• The natural desire to maintain the uninterrupted long distance views for users of the Cotswold Way national trail that passes through the area

In addition, the Council’s plans will inevitably put unacceptable pressure on the local infrastructure, particularly local roads which already suffer congestion that can interfere with emergency services at the Royal United Hospital.

Bath is a beautiful city in a unique setting where, as noted in its Conservation Area Character Appraisal, the ‘fingers of green’, such as the land around Weston, ‘extend well into the city softening and contrasting with the built form … [with] many fine views to undeveloped hillsides’ are what make it distinctive in character and significance and of such appeal to our tourist industry that is key to our local economy.

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    • Rebecca Richardson BATH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 10 months ago

      Keep diggers and concrete off our green belt. To build here would be an act of vandalism against a richly diverse natural habitat, depriving wildlife of survival, significantly diminishing existing residents quality of life by completely overwhelming an already burdened infrastructure. Risk of flooding will be greatly increased, due to the springs which run through the proposed sights, an issue already in evidence at other redevelopments in the immediate vicinity. This proposal is utter nonsense, since there are plenty of alternative sights for development in Bath, rendering these plans completely unnecessary. We have a duty to preserve our Green Belt, it is our children's inheritance, and vital the for future local ecology.

      Weston has had several recent new build redevelopments, any more would pose serious consequences in terms of road safety and access to local services for local families. Please reconsider.

    • Ilana Wigfield BATH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      This green space is vital to our well being as Weston residents. Our children play safely here, and the access to the Cotswold Way and Kelston Round Hill is one of the main attractions of living here. The whole character of the area will be ruined by this thoughtless and unnecessary development.

    • Katharine Pristo BATH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      I live in the area

    • Spencer Mildon BATH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      I visit this area regularly for runs and fitness training. It's more tranquil and peaceful than other areas and would be a great shame to lose it.

      • 11 months ago

      This will ruin one of the most beautifil parts of the countryside around Bath. Quite simply a disaster


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