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City of Hamilton
Councillor, Ward 14
Robert Pasuta
Mayor of Hamilton
Mayor Bob Bratina

Petition to the City of Hamilton re: Buckley Family Residence In Jerseyville

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      Concerned Citizens

Petition Summary and Background:
The Buckley family, who live at the junction of Jerseyville Road West and Sunnyridge Road (the old Jerseyville General Store) have been given notice that their home is in violation of current city zoning by-laws. The Buckleys have been discussing with the City of Hamilton zoning by-laws and building codes.The city maintains that residential use of the upstairs apartment is not permitted.
However, important facts include:
- The Buckley Family has been living in the upstairs apartment for the past 12 years.
- Records that go back as far as 1980 show that residential taxes have been collected annually for the apartment.
- Confidential official memos obtained under the Freedom of Information Act dated from 1996 (prior to amalgamation) and sent to (then) Ancaster Mayor Robert Wade indicate that " Regional Assessment and the Town of Ancaster have always recognized the existence of the apartment." (on the second floor of 2633 Jerseyville Road West).
There is an immediate risk that the family could be evicted. We, as a community are petitioning our Mayor Bob Bratina and City Council to rescind this order, thus allowing the family to remain in their home. We find the actions of city officials towards this family unacceptable and wish to show our support for this community minded family.

Action Petitioned For:

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Mayor and City Council to act now to acknowledge the historic use of the property at 2633 Jerseyville Road West as a general and dry goods store with an owner's residence dating back to at least 1905 and to continue to allow the use of the second floor as a residence, thus preventing further action which may require the family to vacate their home.


City of Hamilton
Robert Pasuta, Councillor, Ward 14
Mayor Bob Bratina, Mayor of Hamilton
I am a concerned citizen who urges the Mayor and City Council to act now to acknowledge the historic use of the property at 2633 Jerseyville Road West as a general and dry goods store with an owner's residence dating back to
to at least 1905 and to continue to allow the use of the second floor as a residence, thus preventing further action which may require the family to vacate their home.

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    1. It’s official!! Our apartment residence is recognized as legal!

      It’s official!!Our apartment residence is recognized as legal by the City of Hamilton! Thanks to everyone for your signatures on the petitions, comments, prayers, emails to the mayor and counselors, phone calls , and pep talks! Special thanks to our wonderful friends and neighbours who canvassed for signatures for the petitions, helped us at city hall, and came forward with encouragements and ideas. Thanks to mayor Bob Bratina and counselor Robert Pasuta who personally came out to our home and offered ideas, and great organizational support. Thanks also to Councilor Lloyd Ferguson, who provided meaningful insight. We greatly appreciated all who signed the online petitions shared it with friends on facebook and through emails. (In total over 500 signatures were gathered).

      Thanks as well for the many comments on facebook and on the petition that gave thoughtful suggestions and strategies and for the many beautiful things people said about our family.

    2. Reached 250 signatures
    3. Thanks to Bob Bratina who visited the Buckley home on Monday June 25th.

      Within an hour of speaking to the Buckleys on the phone and hearing of the situation, Mayor Bratina visited the Buckleys at their Jerseyville property. He listened to them and to some of the neighbours who had seen him arrive. Local Councillor Pasuta arrived shortly thereafter to take part in the impromptu meeting. Thanks to them and their staff members for their encouraging words and also for their advice to continue with this petition.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Sharon Porter GRIMSBY, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      The Buckleys were old neighbors of mine in Grimsby Beach. They are a lovely responsible and reasonable family. I'm sure the city of Hamilton has changed a zoning bylaw or two in the past to allow a developer to build, say a high density subdivision where they once couldn't. Surely this can be resolved without throwing a family out of a home they have been happily living in for 12 years?.

    • Danielle Viola HAMILTON, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      This family is always doing there best to help others and treat everyone equally. They are a wonderful family and deserve to stay in there home.

    • Gloria & Bill Gavin BRANTFORD, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      There should be more honest , wonderful people like the Buckley's and there would be less problems in this world. Great Family!!!!

    • Melinda Shank-Miles BURLINGTON, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      If there are city records of the residential apartment taxes dating back to 1980, the city should legally recognize the apartment, and this family should not be evicted, after living there for 12 years. Aren't there more important issues for the city to work on, like poverty, violence and public services?

    • James Stephen Isaac Miles BURLINGTON, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      Dave and Anca Buckley are shining examples of citizenship. Their efforts to be a positive example, and influence on their community are second to no others I know.


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