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Petition to the AMS on Labor and Annual Meetings

    1. Petition by

      Concerned Musicologists

      Palo Alto, CA


Mounting evidence suggests the ongoing labor dispute involving workers at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco will persist through the end of this year, and that there will be a picket during the AMS annual meeting in November (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKQkGITsZmI).[1] We the undersigned would be very reluctant to cross a picket line or violate a boycott. We recognize that our actions may affect the lives of workers with difficult jobs, little visibility, and an unstable position in the economy.

We strongly urge the AMS leadership to poll its members on the following question: “Would you cross a picket line to attend the annual meeting of the AMS?”

We further ask that the AMS leadership:
1. explain fully the terms of our contract with the Hyatt;
2. actively pursue the possibility of changing hotels. This should involve seeking advice from legal counsel, the local union (Unite Here Local 2),[2] and other academic organizations that have faced similar situations.[3]

Going forward, we ask that the AMS follow organizations such as the American Studies Association[4] in:
1. using an event planner sympathetic to the cause of hotel workers;[5]
2. adopting a policy of union preference in negotiating hotel and service contracts;
3. adding labor disputes to the standard escape clause in any AMS contract for convention hotels and meetings.

We express our solidarity with and concern for Hyatt’s hotel workers.

[1] See www.baycitizen.org/labor/story/hotels-fight-labor-rumbles/ ; www.baycitizen.org/jobs/story/dueling-events-hyatt-and-union-make-case/ ; www.baycitizen.org/labor/story/hyatt-housekeepers-complain-injuries/ ; and www.baycitizen.org/labor/story/new-year-hotel-workers-old-contract/ . See also http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/25/us/25boston.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=hyatt+boston+hotel&st=nyt
[2] http://www.onedaylongersf.org/?cat=12 and www.hotelworkersrising.org
[3] See, for instance: www.apsanet.org/content_73505.cfm?navID=794 ; www.chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/sociologists-nix-chicago-as-site-for-2011-meeting/29130 ; www.chronicle.com/article/Anthropological-Association/121035 ; and www.chronicle.com/article/Hotel-Labor-Dispute-Forces/120640
[4] See www.theasa.net/annual_meeting , especially www.theasa.net/about/resolutions/resolution_on_labor_and_asa_conventions
[5] See www.inmex.org

Signatories (as of 4 March, 2011):

Robert L. Kendrick

Jesse Rosenberg

Byron Adams

Alexandra Amati-Camperi

Amy Bauer

Lawrence F. Bernstein

Olivia Bloechl

Patricia Brauner

Mark Brill

James Buhler

Amanda Cannata

Theodore Philip Cateforis

Mark Clague

Tom Maxwell

Alice Clark

Albert Cohen

Kwami Coleman

Sarah  Culpeper

Suzanne G. Cusick

Andrew Dell'Antonio

Joanna Demers

Eric Drott

Nina Eidsheim

Emily  Ferrigno

Michael Gallope

Kara Gardner

Matthew Gelbart

Philip Gentry

Shana Goldin-Perschbacher

Kariann Goldschmitt

Sumanth Gopinath

Rick Tonsing

Roger Grant

Thomas S. Grey

Heather Hadlock

Donna Mock

Patrick Taylor

Kiri Heel

Clara Latham

Stephen Greene

Jeanne L'Hermite

Nadine Hubbs

Andrew Kirkman

Charles Kronengold

Richard Leppert

Tamara Levitz

Loren Ludwig

Susan McClary

Tracy McMullen

Felicia M. Miyakawa

Maxi Mock

Ingrid Monson

Mitchell Morris

Jim Mock

Alexander Ness

Tiffany Ng

Victoria  Sethunya

Cyndi Mears

Mireya Obregon

Carol Oja

Thomas Peattie

Alejandro Enrique Planchart

Peggy Acosta

Emily  Richmond Pollack

Sindhu Revuluri

Clare Robinson

Matthias Röder

Jesse Rodin

Joel Rubin

Joan E Loza Mobry

Nicholas Rubin

Byron Sartain

Martin Scherzinger

Anna Schultz

Jessica Schwartz

Anne C. Shreffler

Nate Sloan

Tes Slominski

Christopher J. Smith

Peter Tschirhart

Kate van Orden

Alex Waterman

Sarah Weiss

Susan Weiss

Jessica Wood

Anna Zayaruznaya

Emily Zazulia

Robert Fink

Carolann Buff

Bill Craig

Valérie Disle

james m nordlund

Eric Ganong

davey mathias

Mary Simonson

Alicia Guevara

Sonia Gaind Krishnan

Victor Szabo

Zarah Ersoff

Tracy Brinkley

Benjamin Piekut

patricia m lasek

Sam Baltimore

Jessica Bissett Perea

David Rothenberg

darius dirzinskas

Jason Stanyek

James Davies

Jonathan Greenberg

Julianne Lindberg

Thomas Newsom

Marcus Harmon

Karen Cook

Annie Randall

Ray Knapp

Christopher Murray

John Miller

Melissa Goldsmith

Kendra Leonard

Mary Ann Smart

Martha Sprigge

Bettina Varwig

Cristina Ruotolo

Stephanie Gunst

Gayle Murchison

Dale Cockrell

Eftychia Papanikolaou

Paul-André Bempéchat

Virginia Danielson

Benjamin Court

Rob Fallon

Andrew Flory

Molly McGlone

Tom Moore

Douglass Seaton

David Rosen

Jennifer Oates

Robynn Stilwell

Mitchell Brauner

Sanna Pederson

Richard Brown

Sabine Feisst

Phillip Klepacki

Zoe Lang

Emiliano Ricciardi

Paula Higgins

Jonathan Boschetto

Vicki Stroeher

Louis Niebur

Catherine Gordon-Seifert

Alexandra Apolloni

Tamara Roberts

Jeff Dailey

Tara Browner

Joshua Rifkin

Stephen Meyer

Christopher Scheer

Aaron Allen

Dorothea Gail

Seth Brodsky

Jessie  Fillerup

Cristi Sturgill

Jacek Blaszkiewicz

Jacob Cohen

Tanya Merchant

Kailan Rubinoff

Lisa Feurzeig

Elisabeth Kotzakidu Pace

Lydia Hamessley

Lindsay Johnson

Gilbert Blount

Andrew Oster

Patrick Macey

Jillian Rogers

Lauren  Sweetman

Jonathon Bakan

Kyle Kaplan

Olivia Mattis

Robert Winter

Bruno Nettl

John-Carlos Perea

Lucia Marchi

Brian Schmidt

Glenda Goodman

Hannah Lewis

Timothy Taylor

William Cheng

Berthold  Hoeckner

Joseph Morgan

Susan Kagan

John Gabriel

Laurie Stras

Stephanie Malara

Ryan Banagale

Stephanie Doktor

Katherine Graber

Joel  Lester

Louis Epstein

Michael  Puri

Nancy Rao

Gavin Williams

Sheryl Kaskowitz

Emily McManus

Mary Wallace Davidson

David Levy

Neil Lerner

Lincoln Ballard

Flora Willson

Sharon Mirchandani

Elisabeth Le Guin

Gayle Magee

Elizabeth Craft

Brigid Cohen

Adriana Ponce

Deborah Kauffman

Sarah Eyerly

jeff brown

Benjamin Steege

Marianna Ritchey

Brandon Masterman

Christopher Culp

Ann Shaffer

M. Jennifer Bloxam

Richard Mook

Daniel Callahan

Ellen Exner

Graham Raulerson

dorothy attneave

Jeffrey Magee

John Deathridge

Dale Chapman

Laura Silverberg

Klaudio Negric

Ryan Dohoney

carlee trent

Maria Ryman

James Vincent Maiello

Styra Eisinger

Mary Paquette-Abt

James Steichen

Wendy Hsu

Carol Babiracki

Emily Wilbourne

Susan Thomas

Dylan Robinson

Sarah Apfel

Jen-yen Chen

Ingrid Price

karin pendle

Carol Vernallis

lori weber

Susannah Kegler

Mike  D'Errico

Kevin Schwandt

richard collins

Alejandro L. Madrid

Robert  Walser

Ruth Tatlow

Kevin Holm-Hudson

Heather Platt,Fishers

Deborah Rifkin

Susan de Ghize

Robert Cook

Michael Friedmann

Brad Osborn

Ed Gollin

Morgan  Rich

Jennifer Iverson

Gavin Shin-Kang Lee

Elizabeth Lindau

Janna Saslaw

Matthew Bribitzer-Stull

jeanne bamberger

Alexander Rehding

Beth Hartman

Paula Telesco

Andrew Yale

Walter Frisch

Susan  Boynton  

Andre Mount  

Marianne Wheeldon  

Carissa Reddick  

Ben Givan  

Chelsea Burns  

Nicholas Betson  

Robert Adlington  

Elissa Harbert  

Anna Gawboy  

Joelle Meniktos-Nolting  

Matthew Butterfield  

Beate Kutschke  

Carl Heuckendorf  

jennifer griffith  

Richard Pellegrin  

Daniel Prindle  

Diana Ferreira  

James Elliot  

Elizabeth Hoover  

Jill T. Brasky  

Christopher Barry  

Ellie Hisama  

Elizabeth Przybylski  

Ana Alonso-Minutti  

Michael O'Toole  

Marianne  Kielian-Gilbert  

Alexandra Roedder  

Sherrie Tucker  

August Sheehy  

Jonathan De Souza  

Gary Tomlinson  

Michael Noone

 Dana Gooley

Massimo Ossi

Kiri Miller

Arman Schwartz

Gabriel Solis

Angie Starling

Cecilia Lo


amy Nutter

Cindy Brower

Davitt Moroney

Elizabeth Hoffman

 William Faber

William Conger

Nicole Weber

Bob Ramczyk

Zeynep Bulut

Levin Manabat

Brian Hyer

Keith Clifton

Daniel Zimmerman

Stephan Pennington

Erica Scheinberg

James Walker

Andrea Oefinger

Elizabeth Eva Leach

Rebekah Ahrendt

Adeline Mueller

Ulrike Petersen

Maria F.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Anne Dhu McLucas EUGENE, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      Given what is going on with anti-union activity across the nation right now, I think we as academics should stand firm in support of unions who are struggling for their rights. I support the boycott of the Hyatt and hope that you will be able to change hotels.

    • Gary Tomlinson NARBERTH, PA
      • over 3 years ago

      While I support the petition, I feel the need to qualify my signing of it. There should be no assigning of blame to representatives of the AMS responsible for organizing this meeting. In all likelihood, the contract for this convention booking was signed long before the present labor action began.

      Under "Going forward" in the petition, nos. 1 and 2 seem vague and probably would be ineffective in practice. No. 3 is a rather different matter, and I believe that we must strive to build into AMS contracts and commitments the possibility of sensitivity to changing political and economic conditions and flexibility in reacting to them. (Events in Wisconsin and elsewhere just now suggest, moreover, that most of us could use a refresher course in the fundamental importance of the labor movement in American history over the last century.) GT

    • Carol Babiracki SYRACUSE, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      It's time to stop taking the deceptions & mistakes of those "too-big-to-fail" out of the rights & paychecks of workers. I will not cross a picket line.

    • Maria Ryman UPPSALA, SWEDEN
      • over 3 years ago

      In international solidarity.

    • Jeff Dailey BROOKLYN, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      At this time, when union contracts at all levels are under attack, it is inappropriate for the AMS to support any institution that is having contractual issues with its employees.


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