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    1. Petition by

      Carol Crupi

      Valley Stream, NY

The residents of Gibson/Valley Stream, NY as well as other communities affected by the new FEMA Flood Maps are requesting help regarding the new flood maps that FEMA put into effect 9/2009.  These maps are inaccurate, arbitrary and incorrect.  They must be changed to alleviate the monetary and emotional hardship being inflicted on the Gibson citizens as well as other communities. Those who were never in a flood zone before and should not be there now must get flood insurance or their bank will clean out their escrow accounts which they must then refill immediately or be in default with the bank.    

We need your help to freeze these maps and have a study done to correct their inaccuracies.  The State, County and Village Engineers should work together to get this done now before any more harm is done.  New surveys by these Engineers will show that many homes now in the flood zone do not belong there. 

 Premiums range from $2400 to $9,000 per year which must be paid all at once, no amortization over a year's time. In addition to changing the flood maps FEMA has raised the cost of flood insurance.  This is all designed to increase revenue for FEMA because of Katrina and other natural disasters around the country.  Their treasury is very low and by putting people in the flood zone who have not been there before will increase their bottom line considerably.  This is nothing more than a tax being initiated on the residents of Gibson as well as elsewhere around the country.

In addition to the enormous premiums for flood insurance, FEMA has decreased the property value of every house they put in the flood zone.  If you want to sell your house it will be valued at much less than it was prior to 9/2009.  At a time when the economy is in such bad shape, jobs are scarce and people are just barely holding on to their homes this is a very severe blow.   

There was a report on NBC, Nightly News, called the Fleecing of America, which has been posted on gibsoncommunity.com.  The report shows that the maps are inaccurate and should be revised however nothing has been done. We are now asking you to help, as our elected official, to correct this wrong.  Have the FEMA maps frozen and redraw them correctly.  Your constituents need your help NOW!!!!  This situation is untenable and needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY!!! 


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    • Elijah Buchanan ESCONDIDO, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      We are currently in an AO flood zone vice X and have to pay an additional $700 a year because a small corner of my property sits in this imaginary line. The injustice is that the FEMA survey just stops, so if you lived slightly north of that imaginary line you are clear - just south and you will pay an additional $1,000 per year for the life of your mortgage!


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